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The Broward Way…

Did we miss the memo? Is fighting corruption a right/left thing? Ever wonder where the money went? Ever wonder why kids are graduating? Ever wonder why schools are falling apart? Ever wonder why the well-connected get cushy jobs? Ever wonder why the media won’t connect the dots?

Why did the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel report Sylvia Poitier was charged with “misconduct”? Did she talk during naptime? Did she bring beer into the sorority house?

Remember Vicente Thrower? He’s from Deerfield too. Judge Feren made the news today. Now, Diana Wasserman Rubin (previously charged) has to hear her hubby  is facing tax evasion charges. Rubin was a lobbyist for lots of Broward cities, while his old lady was Broward County Commissioner.

A sitting School Board member is being investigated for assaulting his opponent. Another School Board member spews racist filth without punishment.

Another Broward County employee is telling tales to the authorities about her role in the Chait mess.

Had enough yet? Rumors abound that Florida Governor Rick Scott has had enough.

Somebody do something!

What are you prepared to do?

Florida College Students Dragged Into Democrat Smear Campaign Against Governor Rick Scott?

Can there be any doubt Florida Governor Rick Scott is the target of a smear campaign involving allies of the Democrat party? RED BROWARD reported on staged events, by unions and groups such as Progress Florida and Awake The State, which aim to embarrass Scott. They believe a wounded, unpopular and demonized Rick Scott would hurt all Republican candidates, thus helping the Obama and Bill Nelson re-election campaigns. Maybe someone should ask DNC/DCCC/Part-Time Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch) about this plan?

Governor Rick Scott

Now, the campaign has reached into Florida’s colleges and universities. RED BROWARD obtained an email sent to all students ,faculty, and various departments at Florida Memorial University. Kendrick Stevenson, the Attorney General of FMU Student Government Association implores “fellow Lions” to sign a petition calling for Scott’s removal from office:

Please follow the link below to support the removal of Republican Governor of the State of Florida Rick Scott; to be effective immediately. Governor Scott has been successful in destroying the State of Florida since the beginning of his tenure in office as Governor. We the people need to stand UNITED to put an end to this madness.

Please sign the online petition to remove Governor Scott. We floridians desperately need this recall, the future of this State is in your hands.


Kendrick A. Stevenson
Attorney General
Student Government Association
Florida memorial University
15800 NW 42nd AVE
Miami, Florida 33056

Astroturfing has reached the collegiate level. But it doesn’t stop there. They are involving your kids at the High School and Elementary level. Stay tuned…