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UN-TRULIEVE-ABLE: Elberg Mike Gelin’s Criminal Record Expungement Event Sponsored By Cannabis Company Caught Up In FBI Public Corruption Investigation In Tallahassee

Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin must not be familiar with Google searches. Last week, REDBROWARD exposed how Gelin’s co-host for a City of Tamarac “sealing and expungement” event is a disgraced former Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy accused of forcing illegal immigrants to perform sex acts. Jonathan Bleiweiss, founder and executive director of the Florida Justice Center (FLJC) served a lengthy prison sentence after accepting a plea deal. But Gelin’s co-host issues don’t end with Bleiweiss and his controversial FLJC.

Trulieve, a Quincy, Florida based cannabis company, is the main sponsor of Gelin’s City of Tamarac event. Trulieve has a marijuana dispensary located at 5900 Rock Island Road in Tamarac. On its website Trulieve states, “Tamarac is a unique place. It’s also a special place for medical marijuana to, with numerous dispensaries in the area.”

According to the FLJC website, all costs for the sealing and expungement of criminal records will be paid by Trulieve. In fact, Trulieve has sponsored numerous FLJC events across the State of Florida.

Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, is the wife of Tallahassee developer J.T. Burnette. According to published reports, Burnette began serving a three year prison sentence in January following a trial on extortion charges.

Prosecutors alleged Burnette was involved in a bribery scheme with former Florida Democrat Party chairman and Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox and a lobbyist. The investigation, dubbed Operation Capital Currency, revealed how Maddox accepted bribes in exchange for votes on items that came before the Tallahassee City Commission. At trial, Burnette explained, “Scott Maddox is, you know, arguably, probably the most sophisticated politician of all the city and county players period. Okay? So, Scott and I have always worked deals together because at the end of the day, Scott can always wrangle the commission kind of in his direction.”

Maddox and lobbyist Paige Carter-Smith began their prison sentences late last year.

While Trulieve and CEO Kim Rivers were never accused of any crimes, recordings of conversations between JT Burnette and undercover FBI agents contained numerous references to Trulieve and its political connections.

According to The Capitolist, Burnette described his wife as a “real political player” and said she could be very “revengeful.” He said, “(Rivers) will run someone against you. Commissioners don’t want Kim to come against them. She is the perfect weapon when she is aimed against you.”

Burnette said he gave Rivers the money she used for political contributions. He said he “buys the gun and Kim pulls the trigger.”

Burnette claimed said “political consultant Drew Jones of VancoreJones Communication runs the political campaigns of nearly all the commissioners and when Rivers was unhappy with someone Jones would ‘run someone else if Kim wants.’ Burnette said that, at that time, Rivers medical marijuana company, Trulieve, paid VancoreJones $15,000 per month in a retainer fee.”

Burnette “bragged about working with former state Representative Halsey Beshears (R-Monticello) to give an advantage to Burnette’s then-girlfriend and Beshears’ brother in their application to obtain one of the five licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana in Florida.”

Burnette described how he worked with then-Halsey Beshears in 2014 to “put ‘little tweaks’ into the criteria for those applying for a medical marijuana license into Florida’s medical marijuana bill at the last minute, making it impossible for certain competitors to qualify for a license.”

Gelin recently encouraged the Tamarac City Commission to enact programs used by the City of Tallahassee Commission. The suggestions had City Hall insiders scratching their heads.

Do residents really want Tallahassee politics in Tamarac?

Why is Elberg Mike Gelin allowing individuals with such “colorful” recent histories to co-host an event at City of Tamarac community center?

Why is FLJC and Trulieve so eager to pay for Tamarac residents legal fees?

Elberg Mike Gelin wants to be Mayor of Tamarac. Residents should look closely at his political allies. Is the FLJC or Trulieve supporting his mayoral campaign?

Tamarac residents deserve answers, no?

Jonathan Bleiweiss of the FLJC

Official Business? Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Opened A Tallahassee-Based Political Committee While “Lobbying” For Residents

Official Business? Marlon Bolton Started Political Committee During Trip To Tallahassee

On January 20, 2022, Tamarac Commissioner Bolton told his Facebook followers he was “Fighting for our residents today in Tallahassee…lobbying for State Dollars to come to our city.” But according to State elections records, the only dollars Bolton brought to Tamarac that day was a $500 personal loan to Tallahassee-based political committee he formed the previous day. Despite a plethora of political committees started by his business associates and allies, Bolton (D-Clown) opened the “Friends Of Marlon Bolton PAC” political committee on January 19, 2022. This committee is located at a UPS Store on North Monroe Street in Tallahassee. Marlon Bolton is listed as the Chairman and Treasurer of the new committee.

As previously reported by REDBROWARD, Marlon Bolton is tied to several existing political committee in Broward and Tallahassee.

Last month, REDBROWARD reported how Marlon Bolton answered the telephone number listed for a Tallahassee-based political committee tied to a mysterious 2020 voters guide and website. REDBROWARD called the Conservative Governance PAC, a political committee based at a PAK Mail store at 1563 Capital Circle S.E. in Tallahassee. The State records list Malucci Joseph as the chairperson, treasurer and registered agent of Conservative Governance PAC.

REDBROWARD revealed Malucci Joseph, a singer and active participant at services held at Marlon Bolton’s Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach church in North Lauderdale, is tied to multiple political committees which support Bolton. These include Go Tamarac Go PAC and Residents United PAC.

In December, Elijah Manley, a Democrat running for the Florida State House District 94 seat, made two payments to Happy Feet Advertising of Margate. REDBROWARD repeatedly documented the deep ties between Marlon Bolton and Happy Feet Advertising owner Trace Robinson. Instead of using Happy Feet’s Margate address, the Manley campaign listed the 1563 Capital Circle S.E. address used by Malucci Joseph and Conservative Governance PAC. State business records show this Tallahassee address is also used by 100 Volunteers Of Florida, a fictitious corporation owned by Happy Feet Advertising of Margate.

During the November 2020 election, some Broward residents received the “Our Florida Democracy” voters guide. The guide is still available on the Our Blue Broward website. The guide states it was produced by the Our Blue Democracy political committee located at 1563 Capital Circle S.E. address in Tallahassee.

The guide endorsed most of the Democrat candidates on the 2020 ballot. But a few candidates received special notice including pictures alongside Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In addition to being pictured with the Presidential nominee, these special candidates received their own sections on the guide.

These candidates were Marlon Bolton, former Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, the late Congressman Alcee Hastings, North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin and Tamarac Commissioner Elvin Villalobos.

Federal records show Our Blue Democracy was formed in September 2020 by its treasurer Malucci Joseph. Our Blue Democracy used the same address and telephone number as the Conservative Converance PAC operated by Malucci Joseph.

Federal campaign reports show a September 18, 2020 contribution of $5,000 by Malucci Joseph. Four days later, Our Blue Democracy paid $3,309.34 to Minuteman Press of Coral Springs for mailing services and $900 to Xpress Color of Lauderdale Lakes for printing services. These are the same companies used by Residents United PAC, Conservative Governance PAC and Go Tamarac Go PAC.

REDBROWARD wanted to ask Broward resident Malucci Joseph why she opened so many Tallahassee based political committees.

This reporter called the Tallahassee telephone number listed for both committees: (850) 220-7853.

But Malucci Joseph did not answer the phone. Instead, Marlon Bolton answered our phone call.

“Hello?” Marlon Bolton said.


“Who’s this?” Bolton said.

This reporter identified himself and the publication and asked Bolton why he was answering a telephone number listed for two Tallahassee based political committees.

“Tom Lauder, I don’t consider you a real reporter?”

We stated that’s his opinion and asked what his role is with the Conservative Governance PAC, the Our Blue Democracy guide and the Our Blue Broward website.

Bolton said, “Tom Lauder, do you have any other questions, not related to these PACs?”

We asked Bolton if he had recently hired an attorney.

“Tom Lauder, do you have any other questions?”

We asked if he had been interviewed by any Federal, State or local law enforcement agents.

“Goodbye, Tom Lauder,” Bolton said.


While the Friends Of Marlon Bolton has a different Tallahassee address than Malucci Joseph’s Conservative Governance PAC, both committees share the same bank. Official documents for both committees list a Bank United branch on N. University Drive in Tamarac as the location of their bank accounts.

Oddly enough, Broward Vision PAC, a political committee operated by Happy Feet Advertising owner Trace Robinson, also does its banking at the Bank United branch at 5819 North University Drive in Tamarac.

Why does Marlon Bolton need a Tallahassee-based political committee?

Why does Bolton need any political committee? Local politicians rarely operate political committees.

Why are so many business associates of Marlon Bolton running political consulting businesses and political committees?

Did Tamarac taxpayers pay for Marlon Bolton’s trip to Tallahassee?

Don’t Tamarac residents deserve answers?

Or at least a refund?

Friends of Marlon Bolto
Friends Of Marlon Bolton PAC

Democrat Consultant/School Board Whisperer Barbara Miller Thinks Governor Ron DeSantis Turning Florida Into “Anti-Gay Hellhole,” But Silent When Her Husband Worries Their Grandchildren Won’t Get Into College Unless “Black Or Brown Transgender” From Africa

James Fix Miller Facebook post
Barbara Miller Worried About Governor DeSantis

Longtime Broward Democrat consultant and school board whisperer Barbara Miller thinks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the “Parental Rights In Education” bill will turn Florida into an “anti-gay hellhole.” Democrats and their media accomplices have dubbed legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. But Barbara Miller was silent when her husband mocked diversity in a transphobic screed on his Facebook page.

Taking a cue from Larry King’s USA Today column of the late 20th Century, James Fox Miller posts lots of stream of consciousness news and notes on his Facebookpage. Earlier this year, Mr. Miller lamented on how tough it is to get accept to a good college these days. Miller wrote:

“I embrace concept of diversity, but sometimes think that my grandchildren need to be black or brown transgender, bulemic Buddhists from Somalia to be able to be admitted to school that five years ago would have been a snap.”

Archie Bunker could not have said it better. But make no mistake, James Fox Miller is no knuckle-dragging conservative. When he’s not mocking eating disorders, Buddhists and LGBTQ kids from Africa, Miller posts vulgar attacks on former President Donald Trump and other Republicans.

While it may seem easy to dismiss the rants of another south Florida senior citizen, the Miller’s play a prominent role in Broward politics. Last month, the Millers hosted the Broward Teachers Union political director at their vacation home in Italy. Barbara Miller is the paid consultant for numerous politicians such as Florida State Representatives Robin Bartleman, Michael Gottlieb and Marie Woodson as well as Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr, Broward School Board Members and Broward judicial candidates.

Do they think white children are getting hurt by black and brown LGBTQ kids getting into college?

Let Them Eat Cake?