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Hollywood Legend Dan Aykroyd Visits Broward County


Like thousands of his fellow Canadians, Hollywood legend Dan Aykroyd visited Broward last week. Aykroyd held two events to promote his Crystal Head Vodka brand. On Friday night, the comedy legend appeared at Stache nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. Earlier in the day, REDBROWARD caught up with Aykroyd at the ABC Fine Wines and Spirits store in Sunrise, Florida.

Hundreds of fans, including a few politicians, showed up to meet Aykroyd at the event near the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Aykroyd and his partners were promoting his award-winning vodka which comes in a unique skull shaped bottle. Mr. Aykroyd even talked about the new Ghostbusters movie in production now. The movie will star Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

Internal Memo Documents Employee Chaos At Broward Elections Office

REDBROWARD obtained an internal email from Dr. Brenda Snipes, the Broward Supervisor of Elections(SOE), warning employees to stop skipping work and taking unapproved vacations even while they enjoy a four-day work week. The post-election email was sent Thursday to employees. On Tuesday, many political insiders and candidates complained Snipes took too long counting results from the handful of municipal elections.

Snipes wrote, “Now that we have successfully completed all elections for this election cycle, I want to bring your attention to the following items.” The items included “four day work week,” “office work schedule,” “annual leave” and “established office procedures.” Snipes also said there was a job opening for a custodian position.

Snipes noted the four day work week was nothing new to SOE employees. She wrote, “[the four day work week] was very popular with all staff in the 2013 election year. I am looking to reinstate this program as soon as details are finalized.” Snipes makes no mention regarding salary. Will Snipes still pay SOE employees as if they are working five days a week? Does Dr. Snipes work a four day work week schedule?

Even though they work just four days a week, Snipes scolds employees for not showing up to work at all. “I have noticed several staff members who are not adhering to the daily work schedule,” Snipes wrote. “If you need to be out of the office you will need to use sick leave or the annual leave request process.” Incredibly, Snipes claims workers may still get paid even if they do not show up for work. She wrote, “Other time out of the office will be documented as leave without pay when a pattern of behavior is evident.” It has to be a “pattern of behavior” before Snipes docks your pay?

Snipes’ email indicates there are issues regarding vacation time for SOE employees. [Annual leave] “requires at least a three- week pre-approval process. As in the past, tickets should not be purchased for travel, or out –of town lodging until you have received approval for your requested leave.” If Snipes and her supervisors do not care about people not showing up  for work, why would employees think they care about vacations?

Even more troubling, Broward Supervisor of Elections employees appear to be creating new office procedures without approval of Snipes and her supervisors. She wrote, “Please consult your director before changing any established procedures that are in place. We appreciate input and suggestions on making procedures/processes more efficient, but implementation should not take place before approval is given for any changes.” What are the employees changing?

Are they not changing coffee machine filters? Leaving food in lunch room refrigerator for more than a week?

Or, are they changing how ballots are handled? Or security of ballots and machines? Or voter registration procedures?

Broward citizens and officials should demand answers from Dr. Snipes before the 2016 election season.

Just don’t call on Friday. They only work Monday through Thursday. If they’re not on vacation.