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Why Is Team Dale Holness Trying To Remove Miramar Commissioner Winston Barnes From Office?

Like many Americans dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Winston Barnes spent most of the last year working remotely from his Miramar home. Due to health issues, Barnes felt working from home was best for his family. Winston Barnes, a longtime City of Miramar commissioner, attended all required government meetings via a webcam hookup.

Not wanting to run afoul of the law, Winston Barnes relied upon a legal document prepared by Miramar City Attorney Burnadette Norris-Weeks. According to Barnes, a November 11, 2020 memorandum written by Norris-Weeks states city commissioners are not required to physically attend meetings. Barnes claimed he relied upon Norris-Weeks’ legal opinion when he attended Miramar Commission meetings remotely from May 2020 to September 2021.

Barnes states official meeting minutes from that time period show he as present and participated in the meetings.

But on October 25, 2021 Barnes claims Burnadette Norris-Weeks “suddenly and surprisingly completely reversed course and now opined that participation is not the same as attendance, and that Commissioner Barnes could be relieved of his office by a majority vote of the City Commission.”

Now, Miramar Commissioner Maxwell Chambers submitted a resolution, drafted by Norris-Weeks, calling for the removal of Commissioner Winston Barnes. The resolution states:

WHEREAS, during the period of October 28, 2021, through September 29, 2021, Winston F. Barnes failed to physically attend a meeting of the City Commission for a consecutive period of more than three (3) months; and

WHEREAS, the Commission finds that it is in the best interest of the City and Commission that Winston F. Barnes be relieved of his commission office for his failure to physically attend meetings of the City Commission for a consecutive period of more than three (3) months.

The resolution will be heard at the November 15, 2021 commission meeting.

Also on the November 15th agenda is a resolution by Winston Barnes calling for the termination of City Attorney Burnadette Norris-Weeks. Barnes’ resolution includes a letter from his attorney Keith Poliakoff of Government Law Group. In that letter, Poliakoff shreds Norris-Weeks’ legal arguments and her interpretation of the law and Florida Attorney General opinions.

Burnadette Norris-Weeks is already embroiled in a costly legal battle surrounding her termination as city attorney by the Pahokee City Commission. She also serves as a legal advisor to controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Last week, Burnadette Norris-Weeks advised Holness during the recount process for the CD 20 election. Holness remains five votes behind Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick.

Holness enjoyed the support of Miramar Commissioners Maxwell Chambers, Yvette Colbourne and Alexandra Davis. The four were spotted together at numerous City of Miramar events during the election.

Unlike his fellow commissioners, Winston Barnes is not listed in the endorsement section of Dale Holness’ website.

Winston Barnes’ social media is devoid of any pictures or mentions of Dale Holness.

Is this removal process some sort of revenge against Winston Barnes?

Should Miramar taxpayers foot the legal bill for petty political shenanigans?

**UPDATE** An earlier version of this story said Keith Poliakoff worked for Becker Poliakoff . Mr. Poliakoff works for Government Law Group. We regret the error.

Ex-Pahokee City Attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks Threatens To Silence Reporter, Again!

Burnadette Norris Weeks

Burnadette Norris Weeks leveled legal threats to stop REDBROWARD from covering her termination as the Pahokee City attorney. The threats came via a comment on our most recent story on the Pahokee matter. On Tuesday, REDBROWARD reported on last week’s chaotic City of Pahokee commission meeting where Norris Weeks attempted to provide legal advice to the very commissioners who “fired” her the week before.

On Thursday morning, Burnadette Norris Weeks left a comment on our report. Needless to say, she was not pleased that Broward readers learned of the chaos in Pahokee.

Norris Weeks claims the story is “utterly unacceptable and ridiculous.” She wrote, “Requesting that this be removed immediately. This is clearly an attempt to do anything to somehow discredit me with bits and pieces of a story.”

Then, Norris Weeks wrote, “You would not have a blog if it were not for targeting black people in leadership positions.”

By the way, what does Dale Holness have to do with my legal contract and a client,” Norris Weeks wrote.

Norris Weeks continued her attacks on our reporting. She wrote, “You Republican hitmen are unbelievable. Who is paying you.

Finally, Burnadette Norris Weeks insinuated future legal action against REDBROWARD. She wrote, “Perhaps I’ll find out in discovery. I’ve had enough.

This is not the first time Burnadette Norris Weeks threatened to silence REDBROWARD.


In February 2015, Burnadette Norris Weeks was unhappy with a REDBROWARD report about a Fort Lauderdale Commission candidate hosting an event at her offices. The original story was posted on the now defunct Daily Broward website.

Norris Weeks used similar language in a threatening email to the Daily Broward editor:

The purpose of this e-mail is to request that you remove all references to me on your website RedBroward. For some time, (along with a few others that you consider Black community leaders) I have been a target of your site. Research shows that Judy Stern is behind the malice and misinformation that you are constantly writing.

Your consistent attempts to taint my reputation leaves me no other choice than to reach out to you and request that you remove the derogatory comments throughout the RedBroward site. Your failure to do so will result in my seeking an injunction to shut down the site. Your attempts to contact my clients, taint my reputation through malicious posts and even target my computer has resulted in a loss of business — which is provable.

Why aren’t you targeting the millions of dollars that have been secured by non-Black business owners from the CRA? These folks do not live in the area and could care less about the people here. We received a relatively small amount of funding from the CRA compared to so many other businesses.

Again, kindly remove the untruthful posts or I will have no choice but to seek an injunction and sue personally. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation!


The next day, Burnadette Norris Weeks sent another email. Once again, it contains similar themes as the ones used in her comments on the Pahokee story.

Norris Weeks wrote:

Again, I am asking that you remove the malicious references that are proving to be damaging to my longstanding good name and professional reputation.

While you and your partner have been paid to post this racist garbage and probably think it’s fun, let’s hope that the vultures are also planning to defend you.

While she’s no longer the city attorney in Pahokee, Burnadette Norris Weeks is still the city attorney for several south Florida municipalities including the City of Miramar.

In addition to hosting a public affairs show on local television every Sunday, Burnadette Norris Weeks is a frequent guest on the WPLG/ABC news program This Week In South Florida.

Wonder what Glenna Milberg and Michael Putney think about Burnadette Norris Weeks’ repeated attempts to silence this reporter?

Dale Holness joined Burnadette Norris Weeks on her public affairs television program

Three Out Of Five Tamarac City Attorney Candidates Endorsed By Team Dale Holness

Three of the five law firms seeking the lucrative Tamarac City Attorney contract have the support of Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and his allies, records show. On Wednesday, the Tamarac City Commission will discuss submissions from Fox Rothschild LLP, Michael Garcia P.A., Ottinot Law P.A., Abrams Law and Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell. Last month, REDBROWARD revealed attorneys for Ottinot Law and Michael Garcia P.A. are listed on the Austin Pamies Norris Weeks and Powell website.

Founded in Philadelphia in 1905, Fox Rothschild LLP and its team of 950 lawyers should be the frontrunners for any city attorney position. John Herin, the managing partner of Fox Rothschild LLP Miami boasts a superb resume. His professional references include the City of Hollywood, the City of Sarasota, the City of Fort Myers Beach, the City of Biscayne Park and the City of Doral.

But this is Tamarac, so sadly, Fox Rothschild LLP has no chance.

Likewise for Abrams Law of Fort Lauderdale. As former members of law firms with experience in municipal and land use law, Ryan Abrams and Theron Simmons should be serious contenders for the City of Tamarac job. Their professional references include government attorneys from the Monroe County School Board and Pompano Beach, as well as the former Monroe School Superintendent and clerks from the Key Largo Fire Department.

But this is Marlon Bolton’s Tamarac. Sorry Abrams Law.

Judging from its proposal, Michael Garcia P.A. is not making a good first impression. All candidates are required to submit proof of liability insurance. For most of the proposals, the proof is two or three pages showing policy information. But Michael Garcia P.A. included nearly one hundred pages of liability insurance information as well as automobile insurance paperwork. Not very environmentally friendly Michael Garcia P.A.

But this is Tamarac so that will not hurt Garcia. What really helps Michael Garcia P.A. are his friends. Garcia lists Miramar City Commissioner Maxwell Chambers as a professional reference.

Two weeks ago, Chambers endorsed Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness at congressional campaign announcement. Tamarac Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin also endorsed Dale Holness at the campaign kickoff.

In February 2020, Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin made a $1,000 contribution to Maxwell Chambers re-election campaign.

But Michael Garcia has more than a Miramar Commissioner in his corner.


In March, REDBROWARD revealed ties between Michael Garcia and Anthony Bonamy, the operator of the Tamarac Post website. This website repeatedly shills for Tamarac Commissioners Bolton, Gelin, Elvin Villalobos as well as Dale Holness.

State records show Garcia and Bonamy formed the Small Business Alliance PAC in January 2019. Bonamy was named as treasurer. After receiving numerous “fail to file” campaign finance records warnings, Michael Garcia told the Division of Elections neither he nor Bonamy had the “time to properly maintain” the political committee. It is unclear if the committee raised or spent any funds before disbanding.

In a November 2020 video of North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin’s election night party obtained by REDBROWARD, Marlon Bolton hugs Michael Garcia as local news declared Martin’s victory. Eleven days later Regina Martin and Marlon Bolton urged the North Lauderdale commissioners to hire Anthony Bonamy. Earlier this month, Bonamy lost his job as North Lauderdale deputy city clerk after the revelations of his continued political work.

Now here’s where it gets very confusing.

As of today, Michael Garcia is listed as an attorney with the Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell law firm. Founded by former Broward Supervisor Of Elections attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks, Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell is another applicant for the City of Tamarac job. Norris Weeks is a longtime ally of County Commissioner Dale Holness. While Holness is not listed as a professional reference, Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell does list Brenda Snipes.

Another of Burnadette Norris Weeks’ professional references is Miramar City Commissioner Alexandra Davis. Two weeks ago, Davis joined Elberg Mike Gelin at Dale Holness’ campaign kickoff. Like Chambers, Gelin and Norris Weeks, Alexandra Davis is a longtime ally of Dale Holness. In March, Alexandra Davis joined Dale Holness and Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton at a party hosted by Jamaican General Consul Oliver Mair.

Another attorney listed on the Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell website is State Representative Dotie Joseph. Last month, REDBROWARD reported Joseph paid Bonamy $600 for consulting on her 2018 campaign for the Florida Legislature.

But here’s more confusion. While Joseph is listed online as a lawyer with Austin Pamies Norris Weeks Powell, her name is included in the Tamarac proposal submitted by Tamarac interim city attorney Hans Ottinot.

How can Dotie Joseph be part of Austin Pamies and Ottinot Law P.A.? This is Tamarac.

Ottinot has a big ace in the hole. Besides the undying support of Gelin, Bolton and Villalobos, Ottinot lists Dale Holness as a professional reference.

And in an example of sheer arrogance, Ottinot includes a puff piece from The Tamarac Post in his proposal. Maybe that was Marlon Bolton’s idea?

Oddly enough, Ottinot lists State Representative Omari Hardy as a “client reference.” On Wednesday, Hardy announced his campaign for the same Congressional seat as Dale Holness.

Did anyone tell Ottinot?

Why is Team Dale Holness so interested in controlling the City of Tamarac?

Is Team Dale Holness trying to rig to process in order to maintain control of the City?

Does anyone care?

Will anyone stand up to Team Dale Holness?