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Dominated By Transgender And Socialist Activists, Abortion Protest In Fort Lauderdale Draws Small Crowd

Hoping to draw attention to their plans to get abortion on the 2024 ballot, Broward Democrats hosted a “Laws Off Our Bodies” rally on Saturday. The rally appeared to attract less than fifty people to a tiny park in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Perhaps rank and file Democrats were turned off by transgender and socialist activists hijacking the abortion rally?

**UPDATE** State Rep Chip LaMarca Questions Wisdom Of Broward County Library Wading Into Politics With “Banned Books” Card

***UPDATE*** The Broward County Library Twitter account has deleted the tweets in question.

The original story starts below:

On Thursday morning, Broward County Libraries announced the availability of new library card. But this was no generic library card. The new card sported flames below a “I Read Banned Books” headline. The card clearly supports a Democrat Party narrative pushed against Governor Ron DeSantis.

Last month, Broward Library Director Allison Grubbs announced every library would house a “Sanctuary” for books. “As Director of Broward County Library, a vital part of my mission is to ensure that the freedom to read is not compromised,” said Allison Grubbs. “The right to think, speak and learn freely are foundational values in our democracy and in our libraries.”

State Representative Chip LaMarca questioned the wisdom of Broward County Libraries wading into politics. LaMarca tweeted, “Do you think this kind of hyperbole is helpful when you’re soliciting millions of dollars from the State of Florida @BrowardCounty Asking for the 2M people of Broward.

Responding to a resident, LaMarca said, “Our public library system should not be in the business of politics. I don’t know the book that you mentioned, but with a wife who’s parents came here from Cuba. I would assume that it seems fine. But there is a process and it should not include getting political on social media.”

The Broward County Library Twitter account responded to LaMarca: “The freedom to read is essential to our democracy. Free communication is essential to the preservation of a free society and a creative culture.”

Allison Grubbs spoke with WSVN Channel 7 about her sanctuaries. “Providing an area where people have the freedom to read, the freedom to access different ideas is really critical to civic engagement,” Grubbs said.

“We are protectors of the freedom of speech and the freedom to read, the freedom to think and engage and learn more,” Grubbs said.

According to the Broward County Library catalog, one of the books in Grubbs’ book sanctuary is “Let’s Talk About It” by Erika Moen.

Parents across the country were outraged by graphic images in Let’s Talk About It. These images include graphic instructions on the proper use of sexual toys and sexual positions.

Is this the civic engagement Grubbs wants in libraries?

Image from Let’s Talk About It

A review of her social media shows Grubbs adheres to the usual far left wing/progressive talking points. Grubbs bashes Trump, supports Colin Kaepernick, equates political opponents to Nazis and supports transgender causes.

Her Facebook motto is a quote from television personality RuPaul: “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag.”

Broward County Library Card

Allison Grubbs