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Clothed Or Naked, Nick Sortal Unfit To Be Mayor Of Plantation

Nick Sortal posted this nude selfie on social media.

Judging by his words, deeds and photographs, Democrat Nick Sortal is unfit to be the next Mayor of Plantation. Before he deleted his Twitter account, Sortal proud displayed this nude photograph of himself. He deleted just a couple of months ago, not four years ago when first elected to the Plantation City Council.

Facebook tags the Sortal pic as inappropriate. So should Plantation voters.

Dueling Digital Billboards At Early Voting In Plantation

Nick Sortal

Weird choice by Plantation mayoral candidate Nick Sortal (D-Unifit). Sortal’s mobile billboard was paid for by Captain Dem’s “One Positive Step” political committee. The actual Sortal billboard reads “Leadership For Broward.” But “giggity” is more appropriate for the highly inappropriate Nick Sortal.

Plantation Council candidate H. Wayne Clark, a Republican, had a separate and traditional mobile billboard.

Wayne Clark, candidate Plantation City Council