Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor Recuses Himself From Elections Case Involving State Rep Anika Omphroy

Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor recused himself from a case involving alleged elections law violations by State Representative Anika Omphroy. Pryor asked Governor Ron DeSantis to reassign the matter to Miami- Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. On Friday, DeSantis issued an executive order to transfer the matter. Pryor asked to be disqualified to avoid …

Why Are 41% Of Miami/Fort Lauderdale Gas Stations Out Of Gas?!!

Panic buying of gasoline in South Florida caused shortages at local stations. As of Thursday evening, forty-one percent of gas stations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale are empty. The number is thirty-nine percent in Palm Beach. The numbers were provided by Patrick De Haan @GasBuddyGuy.

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