Governor Ron DeSantis Plan To End Disney’s “Corporate Kingdom”

Governor Ron DeSantis released his plan to transform Disney’s “Corporate Kingdom” aka Reedy Creek Improvement District on Monday. The Florida Legislature will take up the matter in an upcoming special session: Here is the statement from the Governor’s office:

In 1967, the Florida Legislature created the Reedy Creek Improvement District (the District), which gifted extraordinary special privileges to a single corporation. Until Governor DeSantis acted, the Walt Disney Company maintained sole control over the District. This power amounted to an unaccountable corporate kingdom.

Florida is dissolving the Corporate Kingdom and beginning a new era of accountability and transparency. The legislation:

Permanently eliminates Disney’s self-governing status.

Imposes a state-controlled, term-limited board – with members appointed by the governor – on Disney and its property.

Allows the state to impose taxes on Disney for possible road projects outside of the District’s boundaries.

Ensures that Disney pays the $700+ million in unsecured debt – not Florida taxpayers.

Provides no control of the district to the leftist local government in Orange County, which threatened to leverage the situation to raise local taxes.

Imposes Florida law so that Disney is no longer given preferential treatment.

Prevents Disney from gaining more land by eminent domain.

Creates an avenue to compel Disney to contribute to local infrastructure.

These actions ensure a state-controlled district accountable to the people instead of a corporate-controlled kingdom.

In contrast, some of the now-revoked powers that were formerly granted to the Walt Disney Company included:

Full self-governing status with a Disney-selected board.

The ability to build airports and nuclear facilities.

Acquisition of property beyond the District’s territory by condemnation and eminent domain.

Unilateral boundary changes.
No-bid procurements of construction contracts.

Operating standards that varied from Florida Statute.

Exemptions from regulatory reviews and approvals that other companies must navigate.

Sources: Inappropriate Touching Of School District Employee By Broward School Member Used In “Whisper Campaign” To Benefit Outgoing Superintendent Vickie Cartwright

Outgoing Broward School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright used an employee complaint of inappropriate touching by a School Board Member in a “whisper campaign” to save her job, multiple sources tell REDBROWARD. Following a December 13, 2022 where Cartwright was “unfired,” newly-elected School Board Member Allen Zeman allegedly smacked the buttocks of a school district employee. The contact was not wanted or expected. The next day, the employee reported the incident to Vickie Cartwright. REDBROWARD is not naming the employee involved in this incident.

One Board Member told REDBROWARD they observed Zeman inappropriately touching the employee. Another Board Member confirmed the incident happened.

In late January 2023, Board Member Allen Zeman filed a motion seeking the firing of Cartwright. According to a third School Board member, it was around this time when a “whisper campaign” divulging the Zeman incident began at Broward Schools headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. This Board Member believes Cartwright also misused this information in her severance negotiations with the District.

Last week, Cartwright and her attorneys held public separation negotiations with School Board Chair Lori Alhadeff and district lawyers. Cartwright and her team repeatedly alluded to alleged misbehavior by Board Members. Team Cartwright even mentioned filing of whistleblower suits with Tallahassee agencies. Yesterday, Sun-Sentinel education reporter Scott Travis asked if Cartwright was using these accusations to her advantage.

On Twitter, Travis wrote, “Is the point of whistleblower protection to report problems or get extra money? @suptvcartwright’s lawyers alleged unethical behavior (not in writing) involving board members. But she agreed not to bring those forward w/ proper settlement. A $365k package will be voted on Tues.”

REDBROWARD asked Allen Zeman to comment on the matter. As of publication, Zeman had not responded.

This incident and Cartwright’s handling of the matter has been the worst kept in Broward. On Tuesday, the Broward School Board will vote whether to approve a $365K deal with Vickie Cartwright.

Cartwright allegedly withheld important information from a serious employee complaint and allegedly used that information to her own advantage.

Board Members must demand answers from Cartwright before deploying her $1,000 a day golden parachute, no?