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After Being Pulled Over For Speeding, Pompano Beach Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins Told Fort Lauderdale Cops To “Find Something Better To F*cking Do”

Pompano Beach Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins

Pompano Beach Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins told a City of Fort Lauderdale Police Officer he needed to “find something better to fucking do” after being stopped for speeding, body camera footage shows. Just before 11:00PM on April 6, 2022, officers stopped Perkins for driving 60MPH on City streets. Perkins was driving a late model Audi SUV.

The six-minute traffic stop was captured by the body cameras of two Fort Lauderdale Police Department officers. REDBROWARD obtained both videos.

The first officer approached Perkins on the driver’s side of the vehicle. He stated she was stopped for speeding on more than one street in Fort Lauderdale. Perkins produced her drivers license and the officer returned to his vehicle.

Three minutes later, the officer walked back to Perkins’ vehicle. Perkins was playing music on her car radio while browsing her phone. The officer states he is going to give Perkins a written warning. He urged to Perkins to slow down.

A visibly annoyed Perkins does not respond even when the officer asks if she heard him.

As the officer walks away to write the warning, Perkins asks for his name.

Then, Perkins said, “I am Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins of the City of Pompano Beach. Y’all need to find something better to fucking do.”

Perkins drove off without the warning.

Sources tell REDBROWARD that City of Fort Lauderdale officials were so troubled by Perkins’ treatment of the police officer that high-level talks between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach officials took place.

REDBROWARD asked Beverly Perkins for comment.

Perkins said, “With all due respect. I never cursed or said that to the officer. I respect the law and he was just doing his job. The officer never issued me anything in writing. He just asked me to slow down and I did.

Watch the video. Is Beverly Perkins’ behavior “respectful?”

Beverly Perkins is up for re-election this November.

Beverly Perkins Rude Behavior

South Florida Broadcasting Legend Hank Goldberg Dead At 82

South Florida sports and talk radio legend Hank Goldberg died Monday following a long battle with chronic kidney disease. Goldberg was 82 years old. Known nationally for his horse racing prognostications, Goldberg covered the glory years of the Miami Dolphins in the 1970s alongside Rick Weaver and Henry Barrow.

Goldberg was a staple on local sports talk radio sparring with the Voice of the Miami Hurricanes Sonny Hirsch.

While hosting his own show on WIOD, fellow legend Neil Rogers changed Goldberg’s nickname from “The Hammer” to “The Humper.”

Goldberg made the move into television, covering sports for WTVJ and later, for ESPN.

Rest In Peace, Humper.

Hank Goldberg

Merick Lewin Drops Out Of Broward School Board District 6 Race, Endorses Steven Julian

Merick Lewin dropped out the Broward School Board District 6 seat on Saturday citing business and family commitments. Lewin posted the news on his Facebook page. The Davie resident endorsed opponent Steven Julian of Plantation.

“Steven is the clear choice…to put our kids first and work towards a stronger Broward school system,” Lewin wrote.

The seat is currently held by Laurie Rich Levinson.