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Judicial Candidate Picked Up Broward Republican Party Endorsement While Working With Mystery Group Tied To Party Leaders

Image courtesy GOPRICHARD.com

Local attorney Jason Allen-Rosner wanted to be a judge. Throughout 2018, Allen-Rosner visited numerous local groups including the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). In the crowded August primary for the Circuit Court Group 38 seat, the BREC Board endorsed Stefanie Camille Moon over Melissa Donoho, Linda Leali and Jason Allen-Rosner. Since Moon and Rosner received the most votes, the two lawyers would face off in the November 2018 general election.

But something changed between August and November. When the BREC Board voted on endorsements for the November election, the group decided to endorse Stefanie Camille Moon and Jason Allen-Rosner. The official BREC endorsement card simply stated both candidates were qualified. Wasn’t Allen-Rosner qualified in August? Why didn’t the lawyer-dominated BREC Board (Chairman George Moraitis, Treasurer Kevin Moot and State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli are lawyers) endorse Jason Allen-Rosner in the primary?

What happened?

Does it have anything to do with an October 7, 2018 in-kind contribution for $1,275.96 Allen-Rosner listed on his campaign financial report?

Jason Allen-Rosner wrote the in-kind contribution came from “Praetorian Consulting.”

Who Are The Broward “Praetorian” Guard?

On November 26, 2018 the Shark Tank website reported an official grievance was filed with the Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF). According to the report, “The grievance alleges that these three individuals broke ‘for violations of the Loyalty Oaths and for conduct that is conflict with their role as a BREC member/office’ by selling Republicans lists (most likely to include the BREC membership list) to Democrats.” While the Shark Tank redacted the names in the grievance, it appears as though it was filed against State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli, Former Party Secretary Rupert Tarsey and member Michael J. Kane.

REDBROWARD reviewed an e-mail sent to judicial candidate Dale Miller from “Michael Kane.” Like Allen-Rosner, Miller did not receive the BREC endorsement for the August primary. But that did not keep “Kane” from asking for his business.

The subject line of the e-mail reads, “Re: Republican lists.” Broward Republican State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli is cc’ed on the e-mail:

We can correspond on this email address, it’s a shared address. First of all, noticed you are in [Knights Of Columbus] assembly 157. Didn’t realize that when we chatted, we are in the same council and I was the [Grand Knight] of my regular council.

Spoke with Richard, the State Committeeman who has the big list, he said 500 is good. Write up what you want us to send out and we will send it out to our 50k list multiple times. I’m sure you have already crafted a standard promo e-mail. That would work. It’s a mostly republican list but not exclusively. I don’t think you can anyways but I wouldn’t put anything partisan. Also, we will probably make an email address for you to send it out on.

Check payable to ‘praetorian consulting.’ Address to be mailed to–6725 NW 122nd Ave parkland FL 33076

Send me what to send out, confirm check has been mailed and we are good!

Separately, if you win, please give us future business!

Also if you know of another candidate in another race interested let me know.”

REDBROWARD wanted to ask Michael Kane about this e-mail. Attempts to reach Kane by telephone were unsuccessful. Even though Kane assisted these BREC leaders last year, it’s unclear if he authored this solicitation.

The author mentions he was the grand knight of the Knights of Columbus. Rupert Tarsey was the grand knight, not Michael Kane. Also, Kane used a different e-mail address to register to vote and join BREC. Did he create this “shared” e-mail account?

According to Broward property records, the address for “Praetorian Consulting” in the e-mail is actually the home address of Rupert Tarsey.

Where Is Praetorian Consulting Based?

In his October 2018 campaign treasurer’s report, Plantation City Council candidate Rico Petrocelli listed an expenditure to Praetorian Consulting for campaign texts. Petrocelli, a former BREC chair & state committeeman, is a close ally of Richard DeNapoli. Petrocelli listed the address for Praetorian Consulting as 255 Alhambra Circle in Coral Gables.

According to multiple records, Richard DeNapoli is employed by Coral Gables Trust located at 255 Alhambra Circle Suite 333 in Coral Gables.

REDBROWARD reached out to DeNapoli to ask if this is a coincidence. He never responded.

REDBROWARD caught up with DeNapoli outside the December BREC meeting. He refused to answer questions about Praetorian Consulting. When DeNapoli complained about the questioning to Chairman Moraitis, we presented Moraitis with facts about the case. “I don’t believe it,” Moraitis said.

The December questioning makes up a significant portion of a complaint (written by DeNapoli) made against this reporter. You can read about that here.

Jason Allen-Rosner was unavailable for comment.

Broward Republican Party Official Tells Court He Created Anonymous Website Attacking Former Broward School Board Member

Jeff Brown, left, celebrating with Richard DeNapoli

In documents filed last week in Broward County Circuit Court, an official with Broward Republican Party admitted to creating an anonymous website attacking a former School Board Member. On January 14, 2019 Jeff Brown admitted to creating the KevinTynan.com website. Tynan, a former Broward School Board Member is also the former Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). Last month, Jeff Brown was elected treasurer of BREC.

According to a lawsuit filed by Tynan, the website contained “defamatory statements” meant to “tortuously interfere” with Tynan’s business relationships. Tynan is highly-respected local attorney.

In November, REDBROWARD reported Jeff Brown as well as companies owned by Brown (Top Of Google and Inspiration Museum) and tech giants Google and Go Daddy were subpoenaed by Tynan.

Even though Judge Sandra Perlman ordered the site closed, the operator has repeatedly published the website.

As part of the lawsuit, Tynan presented Brown with a set of interrogatories.

Jeff Brown admitted he registered the KevinTynan.com domain name.

Jeff Brown admitted he paid the fees to register the KevinTynan.com domain name.

Jeff Brown admitted to drafting the content referenced on KevinTynan.com.

Jeff Brown admitted to uploading content onto the KevinTynan.com website.

In December, Brown ran for the BREC treasurer position as part of a “BREC slate” which included Chairman George Moraitis and former Coral Springs City Commissioner Tom Powers. Also, Brown is paid to operate the party’s official website.

When asked for comment on these new revelations, BREC Chairman George Moraitis told REDBROWARD, “I have discussed this issue with Jeff and told him I do not want the members of our board to be involved with anonymous emails.

Jeff Brown did not respond to an e-mail requesting comment.

With such a stunning admission made to the court by a person in control of the Party bank account, website and sensitive data, should BREC members have been told?