Miami-Dade Special Interests Funded Broward PAC Tied To Dale Holness & Keon Hardemon Allies In Miramar

An obscure Broward political committee, with ties to allies of Dale Holness and Keon Hardemon, received most of its funding from political committee operated by a former Miami politician, records show. Founded in September 2019, the Resiliency Coalition political committee raised more than $75,000 to influence Broward elections. Yet, Broward Supervisor of Elections records show most of the money came from a political committee operated by former Miami City Commissoner Marc Sarnoff.

State elections records show the “Truth Is The Daughter Of Time PC” political committee was formed in May 2017. The chairman of the political committee is former Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff. Truth Is The Daughter Of Time PC made four contributions totaling $44,000 to the Resiliency Coalition. Sarnoff is a lobbyist with the Shutts Bowen law firm.

Another prominent contributor to the Resiliency Coalition is B and B Professional Consultants Inc of West Park, a company owned by Barbara Hardemon, the lobbyist aunt of Miami-Dade Commissioner Keon Hardemon. In January, REDBROWARD exposed a growing alliance between Dale Holness and the Hardemon family.

B and B Professional Consultants Inc made contributions to the People Of Principle PAC operated by a Holness campaign guru. In June, REDBROWARD revealed Barbara Hardemon’s financial support of Miramar City Commissioner Alexandra Davis, a close ally of Dale Holness.

REDBROWARD also exposed how Barbara Hardemon formed the “Better Leadership” political committee in May 2021. The timing coincided with the launch of Alexandra Davis’ campaign for a seat on the Broward County Commission.


In January 2021, the Resiliency Coalition made a $4,000 payment to B and B Professional Consultants Inc.

On February 3, 2021, made a $10,000 payment to The Donner Group in Miami. Two weeks later, Resiliency Coalition paid $5,000 to 527 Advertising LLC of Miami. State records show both companies are owned by Miami political consultant Keith Donner.

Throughout January and February, Resiliency Coalition made payments of $6,137.75, $8917.57, $5,117.75 and $5,993.56 to The Campaign Superstore of Miami. State records show the nearly $21,000 in payments went to a company owned by Charles Safdie, a lobbyist and former executive director of the Miami-Dade Republican Party.


In 2020, Keith Donner created an ad campaign attacking an opponent of Keon Hardemon. The Miami Times reported Donner is “longtime ally of the Hardemons, whom he calls his friends and clients.” Even though published reports state the attacks on Haitian activist Gepsie Metellus and her Sant La organization were false, Donner remains proud of his work for Hardemon.

“Had Gepsie not trash-talked the Hardemons, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Donner said. “She would have lost [in the Aug. 18 primary] and the dignity of her organization and reputation would not have been called into question. I’m sure a lot of what I did caused a lot of consternation among Miami’s white garden club members. They were beside themselves. The Hardemons are inviting targets and that’s the nature of the beast, especially in the City of Miami where nothing gets done unless you claw your way to get it done. Welcome to the NFL, Gepsie.”

On Wednesday, even though he easily won the election, Keon Hardemon kept up his attacks on Metellus. The Miami Herald reported Hardemon tried to change the county budget by removing $500,000 earmarked for Sant La, Metellus’ non-profit organization which serves the Haitian community. Hardemon’s move failed but he called for an investigation into Sant La.

Does Broward really want this type of Miami-Dade politics infecting our elections? Too late….


City of Miramar election records show Hardemon’s campaign team worked for candidates in the March 2021 election. Commissioner Maxwell Chamber, another Dale Holness ally, paid $1,087.50 to B and B Professional Consultants Inc. He paid $1,000 to Epic Events Entertainment LLC a West Park company owned by Miramar employee Zakiya Kelley, the daughter of Barbara Hardemon.

But the big bucks for Team Hardemon came from Miramar City Commissioner Yvette Colbourne.

In February, Colbourne made a $10,000 payment to The Donner Group. Colbourne made multiple payments totaling $12,510.99 to The Campaign Superstore of Miami. Both companies received similar payments from the Resiliency Coaltion. One of Colburne’s paid volunteers, Lizca Francois of West Park, was also a paid volunteer of the Resiliency Coaltion.

Loyal readers of REDBROWARD will not be surprised to learn Yvette Colburne made three payments totaling $18,268.44 to B and B Professional Consultants Inc.

REDBROWARD previously revealed how an August 2013 investigation by the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission exposed the role Billy and Barbara Hardemon played in City of Miramar politics and Yvette Colbourne’s campaigns. The 2013 complaint alleged Billy Hardemon, then an employee with the Miami-Dade County Department of Public Works and Waste Management (PWWM), spent “substantial amounts of county time, taken without authorized leave, in the City of Miramar, in Broward County…during hours when Hardemon was understood to be working at his Miami-Dade County job.”

What was Billy Hardemon doing in Miramar? According to the complaint, Hardemon attended numerous City of Miramar government meetings as the “de facto chief of staff” for Miramar City Commissioner Yvette Colbourne. (Other employees claimed Hardemon served a similar role with Miramar City Commissioner Alexandra Davis).

In an interview with investigators, Colbourne admitted Billy Hardemon was her “advisor.” She said his role was to advise her and “attend meetings for and with her.” While he assisted with her campaign, Colbourne stated Hardemon was not paid or compensated in anyway.

However, investigators determined Colbourne’s campaign paid $2,000 to B and B Professional Consultants, Inc., a company owned by Barbara Hardemon.

Colbourne told investigators that Billy Hardemon and Barbara Hardemon were members of “Team Colbourne.” As to his employment in Miami-Dade County, Colbourne told investigators, “I felt that was being handled with his superiors.”

The whistleblower claimed Hardemon’s superior, PWWM director Kathleen Woods-Richardson, was fully aware of his violations.

When asked if she was aware of Hardemon working for Yvette Colbourne in Miramar, Woods-Richardson told investigators, “absolutely not!”

Investigators were shocked by Woods-Richardson’s denial. In addition to calling Hardemon a “friend,” Woods-Richardson’s assistant was Yvette Colbourne.

Additionally, the interview with Kathleen Woods-Richardson was held at the Miramar government center. After Colbourne was elected to office, Woods-Richardson was named Miramar City Manager.

While the investigator was not persuaded by the testimony of Colbourne and Woods-Richardson, he could find no evidence that Woods-Richardson “directed” Hardemon to work for Colbourne in order to increase her chances of becoming city manager.


Now, Yvette Colbourne, Alexandra Davis and Maxwell Chambers are using their clout as Miramar City Commissioners to help get Dale Holness elected to the United States Congress. Holness is seeking the Democratic nomination for the CD 20 seat previously held by Alcee Hastings. Miramar is part of Congressional District 20. This explains Holness appearing alongside the Commission at numerous Miramar City events. Last month, Dale Holness posted photographs of his Miramar group seated at his campaign headquarters in Plantation.

Does Keon Hardemon and the Hardemon family have seats at the Holness table too?

Are the operatives for Hardemon and Colbourne working for the Holness campaign?

Dale Holness and His Miramar Team
Dale Holness, His Miramar Team and the Consul General of Jamaica?!?

Dale Holness Throws Daughter Under The Bus, Laughably Claims They Have Been “Estranged For Years”

Damara Holness & Dale Holness
Dale Holness & Alcee Hastings at Damara Holness event in June 2020

Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness threw his daughter under the proverbial bus following her arrest for felony conspiracy on Wednesday. The United States of America Department Of Justice claims Damara Holness conspired to fraudulently obtain a $300,000 COVID-19 relief loan and then attempted to hide her fraud with the help of co-conspirators. REDBROWARD first exposed Damara Holness’ PPP loan scheme in August 2020.

Damara Holness’ arrest comes at the worst time for Dale Holness. He is currently running for the US Congressional seat previously held by the late Alcee Hastings.

When the news of her arrest finally broke, Dale Holness made laughable claims about his relationship with Damara Holness to the Miami Herald. In a text message to a Miami Herald reporter, Holness said he and Damara “have been estranged for years.”

While it appears her social media was recently scrubbed, Damara Holness posted photographs of her father attending a Broward Black Democratic Caucus event in June 2020. That’s one year ago.

Other witnesses recall seeing the Holness father and daughter at political events over the last year.

Perhaps realizing his “estranged for years” excuse would not hold up to scrutiny, the Holness campaign posted a. new statement on social media:

“I have no details as to how she conducted her business or what she did with her business entities. Damara has had no access to my real estate business, office, or had my permission to use my address or to conduct business on behalf of the Holness family name nor myself. She has had no access to my office.”

As REDBROWARD reported last year, Damara Holness used Dale Holness’ real estate office as the address Holness Consulting Inc. She formed the company in November 2018.

In December 2013, Damara Holness received her State of Florida real estate license. The address used on her real estate license is the same as Dale Holness’ office. The license is valid through September 2021.

Is this the definition of “estranged?”

In April, this reporter spotted Damara Holness at Dale Holness‘ campaign kickoff at his Plantation real estate office. Damara Holness arrived late. She tried to avoid cameras as she slipped into Dale Holness’ office.

Earlier this year, a source close to the Holness family told REDBROWARD that Damara Holness was banned from the office AFTER REDBROWARD revealed the questionable PPP loan. The source claims Holness allies feared law enforcement would use the matter to conduct surveillance of the office.

Shadowy SuperPAC Used Dale Holness & Gregory Tony Donors To Support Congressman Alcee Hastings

A shadowy SuperPAC supported the re-election of Congressman Alcee Hastings with contributions from supporters of Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, Federal records show. As REDBROWARD reported last year, the People Of Principle PAC is tied to campaign operatives of Holness. Throughout 2020, the political committee repeatedly failed to report campaign finances to the Federal Elections Commissions (FEC). But on January 4, 2021, People of Principle PAC finally revealed its fundraising and spending totals.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show People of Principle PAC was created by Charmalin Brown in January 2019. Brown used the address of a Margate UPS store as the headquarters for the political committee. State corporation records show Charmalin Brown, a tax preparer, started a business in 2006 using Omar Smith as her registered agent. Brown used a home on the 300 block of Berenger Walk in Royal Palm Beach as her business address.

Numerous records show Omar Smith uses the same Berenger Walk address. Omar Smith, the owner of A Star For I Inc, is Dale Holness’ campaign marketing guru.

During the 2020 election cycle, mailers and palm cards produced by People of Principle PAC urged voters to support black candidates in Broward and Miami Dade County. Dale Holness, Gregory Tony and others were featured on the cards. But, documents signed by Charmalin Brown on January 4, 2021 show all People Of Principle expenditures were made in support of Congressman Alcee Hastings.

Hastings, an impeached Federal Judge, is a longtime representative in Broward County. When he actually faces an opponent, they rarely make a dent in his vote totals.

Federal records show the Alcee Hastings campaign raised more than $600,000 for his 2020 re-election. Why did People of Principle PAC feel compelled to help Hastings coast to an overwhelming victory?


In October 2020, Superior Hospitality Group of Windermere, FL gave $1,000 to People of Principle PAC. The company is owned by Tyrone Nabbie of Orlando. In 2019, Nabbie and his companies contributed $3,000 to Dale Holness’ campaign. Nabbie’s companies run concessions at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Who asked Tyrone Nabbie to give money to an obscure Federal political committee based in Margate?

On July 14, 2020,Westway Towing gave $1,000 to People of Principle PAC. One day later, Westway Towing gave $2,500 to Dale Holness’ campaign. Who asked Westway towing to give money to People of Principle?

On August 13, 2020, Pierre Vilme gave $2,500 to People of Principle PAC. That same day, the Dale Holness campaign reported a $1,000 contribution from Vilme.

Also on August 13th, Winston Dumornay gave $500 to People of Principle and $1,000 to Dale Holness.

In December 2019, B & B Professional Consulting gave $1,000 to Dale Holness’ campaign. On October 3, 2020, B & B Professional Consulting gave $2,500 to People of Principle PAC. Earlier this month, REDBROWARD revealed B & B Professional Consulting is owned and operated by the aunt of Miami Dade County Commissioner Keon Hardemon.

On July 13, 2020 apartment complex companies owned by Krishna Persaud gave $5,000 to People of Principle PAC. Persaud, owner of the Jamaica Tallawahs cricket team, is a longtime supporter of Dale Holness.

In August 2016, REDBROWARD exposed Persaud’s financial support of The Latino Vote, another local shadowy political committee supporting the re-election of Dale Holness. Again this year, on July 24, 2020 Persaud’s Windsor Forest Apartments gave $4,000 to The Latino Vote.

Derrick Foster is another supporter of People of Principle PAC and The Latino Vote. Records show Foster gave $1,000 to People of Principle and $1,500 to The Latino Vote.

One supporter shared by Holness, Tony, Hastings and People of Principle PAC is Tamarac Commissioner Mike Gelin. In 2020, Gelin Benefits Group gave $2,000 to People of Principle PAC. Two of Gelin’s fellow Tamarac Commissioners were endorsed by People Of Principle PAC.


Several People of Principle PAC donors made large contributions to Broward First, a political committee supporting Sheriff Gregory Tony.

Veterans Security Corporation of America gave $2,500 to People of Principle PAC. The company gave $1,000 to Broward First.

People of Principle PAC and Dale Holness donor Westway Towing gave $5,000 to Broward First.

In August 2020, Broward First made a large contribution to the South Florida Accountability Project, another local political committee. While this committee did not contribute to Holness’ campaign, the South Florida Accountability Project made payments to a companies tied Dale Holness’ family and campaign guru.


In September, REDBROWARD exposed yet another political committee tied to Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

In July 2020, Kayla Butler, a former Holness intern, created the Stronger Together Florida political committee located at a home on Barnstead Circle in Lake Worth with the telephone number (754) 444-6117.

This telephone number was used for third party groups conducting voter registrations. The same number is listed for “All Consulting And Marketing, Inc.” which conducted voter registration drives at 4325 W. Sunrise Blvd in Plantation since May, 2019.

This is the address for All Broward Realty, Inc, a real estate company owned by Broward Mayor Dale Holness.

According to the State third party voter registration records and State corporate records, All Consulting And Marketing Inc. is owned by Richelle Holness, the daughter of Broward Mayor Dale Holness.

Records show the home on Barnstead Circle is the residence of Dale Holness’ ex-wife.

In July 2020, a brand new company using the same Barnstead Circle address made a big splash in local politics. On August 13, 2020 All Priority Consulting, Inc was paid $15,000 for mail media consulting by the South Florida Accountability Project. Less than month later, the South Florida Accountability Project paid $20,000 to Omar Smith’s A Star For I company for mail media consulting.

Why did Broward First contribute so much money to another political committee? Why did the South Florida Accountability Project pay a company located at the home Dale Holness’ ex-wife? Why did this committee pay Omar Smith.

As REDBROWARD documented for years, Omar Smith is repeatedly hired by these shadowy political committees. The People of Principle PAC is no exception. Most of the money raised by this super PAC was paid to Smith’s A Star For I company.

On August 3, 2020, A Star For I was paid $20,000 for marketing services in support of Alcee Hastings.

On August 21, 2020, A Star For I received $12,000 for working in support of Alcee Hastings.