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Merick Lewin Drops Out Of Broward School Board District 6 Race, Endorses Steven Julian

Merick Lewin dropped out the Broward School Board District 6 seat on Saturday citing business and family commitments. Lewin posted the news on his Facebook page. The Davie resident endorsed opponent Steven Julian of Plantation.

“Steven is the clear choice…to put our kids first and work towards a stronger Broward school system,” Lewin wrote.

The seat is currently held by Laurie Rich Levinson.

Democrat Consultant/School Board Whisperer Barbara Miller Thinks Governor Ron DeSantis Turning Florida Into “Anti-Gay Hellhole,” But Silent When Her Husband Worries Their Grandchildren Won’t Get Into College Unless “Black Or Brown Transgender” From Africa

James Fix Miller Facebook post
Barbara Miller Worried About Governor DeSantis

Longtime Broward Democrat consultant and school board whisperer Barbara Miller thinks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the “Parental Rights In Education” bill will turn Florida into an “anti-gay hellhole.” Democrats and their media accomplices have dubbed legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. But Barbara Miller was silent when her husband mocked diversity in a transphobic screed on his Facebook page.

Taking a cue from Larry King’s USA Today column of the late 20th Century, James Fox Miller posts lots of stream of consciousness news and notes on his Facebookpage. Earlier this year, Mr. Miller lamented on how tough it is to get accept to a good college these days. Miller wrote:

“I embrace concept of diversity, but sometimes think that my grandchildren need to be black or brown transgender, bulemic Buddhists from Somalia to be able to be admitted to school that five years ago would have been a snap.”

Archie Bunker could not have said it better. But make no mistake, James Fox Miller is no knuckle-dragging conservative. When he’s not mocking eating disorders, Buddhists and LGBTQ kids from Africa, Miller posts vulgar attacks on former President Donald Trump and other Republicans.

While it may seem easy to dismiss the rants of another south Florida senior citizen, the Miller’s play a prominent role in Broward politics. Last month, the Millers hosted the Broward Teachers Union political director at their vacation home in Italy. Barbara Miller is the paid consultant for numerous politicians such as Florida State Representatives Robin Bartleman, Michael Gottlieb and Marie Woodson as well as Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr, Broward School Board Members and Broward judicial candidates.

Do they think white children are getting hurt by black and brown LGBTQ kids getting into college?

Let Them Eat Cake?

Candidate Marie Martin Isn’t Telling Voters She’s Running For Broward School Board Seat Currently Held By Mother

Marie Murray Martin and mom Ann Murray
Marie Murray Martin

***UPDATED BELOW with response from Marie Murray Martin***

In a social blitz last week, Marie Murray Martin announced her candidacy for the District 1 seat on the Broward County School Board. The District 1 seat is currently occupied by Ann Murray who is not seeking re-election next year. In a Youtube video, Ms. Martin discusses her background as an education reporter and a Broward school teacher. But she leaves one important detail off her resume. Marie Murray Martin is the daughter of Ann Murray.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin website.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin Facebook page.

No mention of Ann Murray at all on either website.

REDBROWARD asked Marie Murray Martin if she was hiding her famous mom from Broward voters.

Martin wrote:

In response to your question, in the past several weeks, I have been to several public events with my mother and we’ve been very transparent about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. On Memorial Day weekend, we met with constituents at Montella Park and told them about my announcement and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. Again, we recently attended The Latino Vote Forum and the MSA graduation and announced my candidacy and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. When I put my press release tab on my website, more will be posted about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. I filed on May 14, 2021 and my website went up on June 2, 2021. So we are still working on my bio, platform and other tabs for the website.