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Federal PAC Located At Dale Holness’ Business/Campaign Office Gave Big Bucks To Company Linked To Daughter

Envelope For Federal PAC used Dale Holness Address
4325 W. Sunrise Blvd Is Address For Holness Real Estate Office & Campaign Office

Stop us if this sounds familiar. A shady political action committee (PAC), started by operatives of Congressional candidate Dale Holness, paid big bucks to companies tied to Dale Holness operatives. Federal records show Kayla Butler, a Palm Beach yoga instructor, formed the “Prosperity For All People” political committee in October 2019. While paperwork for the committee claimed the committee was located at a Boca Raton Pak Mail store, a scan of the envelope lists its address as 4325 West Sunrise Blvd in Plantation.

This is the address of Dale Holness’ All Broward Realty company as well as the address of his campaign office.

Before it’s “administrative termination” by the Federal Elections Commission in February 2021, Prosperity For All People raised $24,000 from seventeen contributions.

Prosperity For All People’s only expenditure came nine months later. The committee reported a $15,000 payment to All Priority Consulting, Inc. located at The UPS Store on University Drive in Lauderhill.

According to State Corporation records, All Priority Consulting, Inc. was formed in July 2020 by Karlisle Williamson Jr.

While its latest filing with the State of Florida uses the same Lauderhill UPS Store as its address, when first formed, All Priority Consulting used a different location.

Paperwork filed in July 2020 states All Priority Consulting was located at 5523 Barnstead Circle in Lake Worth, Florida.


REDBROWARD previously reported on Kayla Butler’s role in forming political committees tied to Dale Holness. On July 20, 2020, Butler, a paid intern on Dale Holness 2016 Broward Commission campaign, filed paperwork forming the Stronger Together Florida political with the Division of Elections in Tallahassee. According to the documents, the political committee is located at home on Barnstead Circle in Lake Worth, Florida. The telephone number for the committee is (754) 444-6117.

The telephone number for Stronger Together Florida is also found in State records regarding third party groups conducting voter registrations. The number is listed for “All Consulting And Marketing, Inc.” which conducted voter registration drives at 4325 W. Sunrise Blvd in Plantation since May, 2019.

Once again, this is the same address for All Broward Realty, Inc, a real estate company owned by Dale Holness.

According to the State third party voter registration records and State corporate records, All Consulting And Marketing Inc. is owned by Richelle Holness, the daughter of Broward Mayor Dale Holness.

State license records show Richelle Holness is a licensed real estate agent at All Broward Realty.

Last year, REDBROWARD called Richelle Holness to ask about her ties to these political committees.

After confirming she was Richelle Holness, she said, “You know you’re calling Richelle. I don’t know why you’re calling me.” After advising Holness that her telephone number was listed in the documents filed with the Florida Division of Elections, we asked what was the purpose of the PAC. Holness said, “You can look it up on FEC [Federal Elections Committee] or whatever.”

When asked if she knew Kayla Butler, Holness said, “Thank you for your time, goodbye” and hung up.


REDBROWARD later revealed that the house at 5523 Barnstead Circle was the home of Dale Holness’ ex-wife, Ann. Within hours of the publication of our story, Omar Smith called REDBROWARD. Smith begged us to removed Holness’ ex-wife name from the story. He claimed she played no role in politics. While speaking to Smith, a angry female voice could be heard yelling at him.


In addition to Butler’s Prosperity For All People, All Priority Consulting received money from other political committees involved in Broward elections. REDBROWARD exposed how funds from a committee supporting Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony were funneled to Holness operatives. Broward First was a political committee supporting Tony’s election in 2020.

In the weeks surrounding the August 2020 primary, the Parkland-based Broward First political committee sent $36,750 to two different political committees in Fort Lauderdale. On July 27, 2020 Broward First made a $16,000 contribution to the Young Professionals For Florida political committee. On August 25, 2020 Broward First made a $20,750 contribution to the South Florida Accountability Project.

On July 27, 2020, Young Professionals For Florida made a $16,000 contribution to the South Florida Accountability Project.

On that very day, Karlisle Williamson Jr. created All Priority Consulting, Inc., State corporation records show.

Less than a month later, the South Florida Accountability Project paid $15,000 to All Priority Consulting.

On August 12, 2020 the money was refunded to the political committee. It was repaid to All Priority Consulting on August 13, 2020.

On September 2, 2020, the South Florida Accountability Project paid $20,000 to A Star For I, Inc. As REDBROWARD reported on numerous occasions. A Star For I, Inc. is owned and operated by Dale Holness campaign guru Omar M. Smith.

Last week, Federal prosecutors charged Omar Smith with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud to fraudulently obtain a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. Smith received a $215,500 PPP loan for his A Star For I company.

One shady political committee based at Dale Holness’ real estate office. Another PAC based at his ex-wife’s home. And, a political consulting company located at the ex-wife’s home as well. Huge paydays for Omar Smith.

Earlier this week, REDBROWARD revealed All Consulting Broward, a company owned by Richelle Holness, was paid $350,000 in 2020 for GOTV consulting by the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida.

Why was so much money money being paid to operatives and companies tied to Dale Holness during the election of 2020?

What did Team Holness do with all that money?

Did Pro-Sheriff Gregory Tony PAC Funnel Money To Operatives Of Dale Holness?

Omar Smith Appears Before Federal Judge In Palm Beach, Pleads Not Guilty And Waives Indictment

Omar Smith

Omar Smith, Dale Holness’ campaign guru, appeared before Federal Judge William Matthewman on Thursday morning to plead not guilty to charges related to fraudulently obtained Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan fraud. On Monday, Federal prosecutors charged Smith with felony conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud to obtain a $215,500 COVID-19 relief loan. If convicted, Omar Smith could face thirty years in prison and up to $1,000,000 in fines.

Judge Matthewman stated bond was $100,000 for Smith.

As REDBROWARD first reported on Tuesday, Smith’s charging documents included a waiver of indictment. On Thursday, “The Court explained waiver of indictment to the Defendant, form executed, and the Court found that Defendant knowingly and voluntarily waived his right to indictment.Defendant WAIVED indictment on the record and agrees to proceed by way of Information. The Court found Defendant’s waiver knowing and voluntary. The Defendant waived formal reading, entered a plea of Not Guilty.” The waiver could be a sign Smith intends to cooperate with Federal authorities.

Smith is represented by Nicole Hamil-Scott, a Coral Springs attorney who specializes in family law matters.

REPORT: Whistleblower Lawsuit Claims Broward School Superintendent Candidate Keith Oswald Hindered Investigation Into Holocaust Denying Principal

A whistleblower lawsuit filed in December 2021 alleges a Broward School superintendent finalist tried to cover up remarks denying the Holocaust made by a Boca Raton high school principal. On Tuesday, the Broward County School Board named four finalists to replace Robert Runcie. Last year, a grand jury indicted Runcie on a perjury charge for testimony given in a school district investigation. Keith Oswald, chief of wellness and equity for Palm Beach County schools, is one of the finalists.

Apparently, Ray And Associates, a Cedar Rapids headhunting firm assisting the Broward School Board, failed to notice Robert Pinkos v. The School Board Of Palm Beach County Florida lawsuit filed on December 23, 2021.

In 2018, Latson came under fire for an email sent to a parent. In the email, Latson said, “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.” Latson was fired (twice) by the School Board. Last week, Latson appealed his firing to the Florida Supreme Court.

As first reported by Boca News Now, Pinkos alleges Keith Oswald and other Palm Beach School Board officials tried to stymie his investigation into Spanish River High School principal William Latson.

According to the suit, human resources investigator Robert Pinkos was limited in his ability to investigate Latson’s anti-Holocaust comment by other officials who feared Pinkos’ investigation would implicate senior school leaders. Among the claims: Deputy Superintendent Keith Oswald, Human Resources Chief Gonzalo LaCava, Professional Standards leader Vicki Evans-Pare, Instructional Superintendent Dr. Glenda Sheffield, and others attempted to cover-up or ignore the comments, then mitigate fallout by attacking Pinkos, reassigning his work location, and disciplining the investigator for workplace issues that never took place. Several senior school district officials also allegedly treated Latson like a hot potato: throwing the controversy to other administrators while claiming it wasn’t their own problem to deal with.

The whistleblower lawsuit just filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court additionally makes the stunning claim that Deputy Superintendent Keith Oswald knew about the comments for months before they became public, then looked for a loophole —suggesting that Florida permits educators to question whether the Holocaust was real.

“Mr. Oswald continued by explaining that the study of the Holocaust was a State mandate but there was also an “opt-out” provision in State Statute that not many people knew about. Mr. Oswald stated that although he knew of the Holocaust comments for several months, it was incumbent upon the South Regional Superintendent, Dr. lan Saltzman, to have notified HR of the wrongdoing.

You can read the full report here.

How did Ray and Associates and the Broward School Board miss a finalist’s role in a high-profile case in a neighboring district?

Did Oswald advise Ray and Associates and the Broward School Board about the lawsuit?

Does anyone use Google?

More to come….