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Marlon Bolton Still Playing The Victim While He Continues To Bully Jewish and Hispanic Females In Tamarac

Fake News From Tamarac Post
Sun-Sentinel On Marlon Bolton

Last week, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Clown) whined about being called a bully for his repeated attacks on Jewish and Hispanic women of Tamarac. Bolton used the fake news Tamarac Post to spread a self-serving email defending his unprofessional behavior both on and off the commission dais. Most of his phony apology included another attack on Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Bolton claimed the latest attack on Gomez would cause his opponents to “label me sexist or misogynistic.” The laughs continued when Bolton proclaimed, “I have a track record of fighting for women’s rights, promoting their welfare, and introducing policies that increase Tamarac women’s quality of life.”

So what did Marlon Bolton do as a follow up?

On Thursday, The fake news Tamarac Post published Marlon Bolton’s rambling, stream of consciousness attack on Gomez, fellow Commissioner Elvin Villalobos, Nicaragua, Hialeah and even Villalobos’ wife.

Yep. Bolton really did that.

After calling him “crazy,” Bolton questioned Villalobos’ marriage and mocked his wife.

Then, Bolton mocked Villalobos’ journey from Nicaragua to Hialeah to Tamarac. Bolton mentioned Tamarac and banana republic” in the same sentence.

Marlon Bolton even claimed Villalobos was a Donald Trump supporter. This appears to be a classic case of projection. Last year, REDBROWARD revealed a young Marlon Bolton told a newspaper that he wanted to be the “Jamaican Donald Trump.”

Then, Bolton went on the attack against Mayor Gomez and former Commissioner Julie Fishman.

Bolton is still hiding behind the “Maria Colson” persona as he attacks his opponents and their families.

Someone should tell Marlon Bolton that a real man doesn’t hide behind phony reporters on a fake news site.

Perhaps people would stop laughing at his childish tantrums if Bolton manned up and admitted he was behind the posts on Tamarac Post?

Adam Schiff Attacks Ron DeSantis On Behalf Of His “Friend” Charlie Crist

Adam Schiff

A fundraising pitch by California Congressman Adam Schiff is more proof Washington Democrats want to demonize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ahead of the 2022 election. The controversial Schiff is despised in Republican circles so it’s no surprise former Republican Charlie Crist is using him to raise campaign funds for his race for Governor. Crist is battling Agricultural Secretary Nikki Fried (D-Backbencher) for the Democratic nomination.

Schiff says he watched DeSantis “stand side by side” next to President Donald Trump. While he claims to be a “friend” of Crist, Schiff seems unaware Charlie already served as the Governor of Florida. As a Republican.

Here’s the Adam Schiff email:

This is Rep. Adam Schiff,…. I have a lot to say. But first I have an important ask for you:

Will you make a contribution right now to help my friend Charlie Crist raise $15,000 before his end of the month deadline? Every dollar is critical to helping defeat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

I’ve known Charlie for a long time. We’ve served together in Congress and worked together on critical legislation to help families across America. He and I worked side by side to pass the COVID-19 relief packages and legislation to protect voting rights. I know his character. I’ve seen his work ethic. And he would fight for Floridians in the Governor’s mansion just as he has for years in Congress.

On the flip side, I know a lot about Ron DeSantis, too. Not through working together – but by seeing him stand side by side with the most dangerous president in history. Seeing him grin while signing voter suppression bills in Florida. And by watching him jockey to use his platform to be the successor to Donald Trump in 2024.

Things haven’t gotten much better since DeSantis left the House to become Governor of Florida. He’s put more attention into building his profile and trying to disenfranchise voters in his state than trying to help the people of Florida recover from the worst pandemic any of us have ever endured.

It’s absolutely critical that we defeat DeSantis. And I believe my friend Charlie is the one to beat him next year. But knowing the modern-day Republican Party, they are going to do everything they can to keep DeSantis in office and tear down Charlie as he seeks to represent the people of Florida.

So right now, your contribution is critical. Charlie is ready to set the tone for the race and he needs your help to do it. Please make a donation to Charlie’s campaign today and help them hit their $15,000 goal.