Sarahnell Murphy Campaign Hiding Ties To Donald Trump & Controversial Broward Lobbyist From Voters?

Sarahnell Murphy wants to replace Michael Satz as the next Broward State Attorney. When she kicked off her campaign last month, her husband Richard Merlino was quick to tell voters she was a longtime Democrat. Merlino’s social media post was more than moment of partisan pride. For weeks, Democrat insiders discussed Merlino’s numerous Facebook posts […]

Mueller Report Clears President Donald Trump: No Collusion, No Obstruction Of Justice

Attorney General William Barr just released a four page summary of the Mueller report to Congressional leaders. According to Barr, the Muller team found no collusion between President Trump or his campaign with Russians. Additionally, the Mueller team laid out information regarding the obstruction of justice allegations without drawing conclusions. Attorney General Barr and Deputy […]