Hollywood Legend Dan Aykroyd Visits Broward County


Like thousands of his fellow Canadians, Hollywood legend Dan Aykroyd visited Broward last week. Aykroyd held two events to promote his Crystal Head Vodka brand. On Friday night, the comedy legend appeared at Stache nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. Earlier in the day, REDBROWARD caught up with Aykroyd at the ABC Fine Wines and Spirits store in Sunrise, Florida.

Hundreds of fans, including a few politicians, showed up to meet Aykroyd at the event near the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Aykroyd and his partners were promoting his award-winning vodka which comes in a unique skull shaped bottle. Mr. Aykroyd even talked about the new Ghostbusters movie in production now. The movie will star Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

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