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Flori-DUH: Alan Grayson Announces US Senate Bid

Congressman Alan Grayson

Congressman Alan Grayson

To the delight of Republicans across the globe, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson announced his bid for the 2016 Democrat nomination for the United States Senate. The oddball Orlando liberal will face off against Congressman Patrick Murphy.

In his announcement video, Grayson claims one reason for his campaign is fact his father had a broken tooth. Check out the fun at Grayson’s website http://www.senatorwithguts.com

George LeMieux Leaves US Senate Race

Facing “reality”, George LeMieux has ended his campaign for US Senate. LeMieux chose to “bow out gracefully” saying his campaign could not afford a statewide television campaign and he could not get Connie Mack to debate the issues. LeMieux said he would fully support Connie Mack.