Donald Trump Is Time “Person Of The Year”

Time magazine has named President-elect Donald J. Trump as its “Person Of The Year” for 2016. Time said Trump topped 11 other finalists including Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin. Time wrote: For all of Trump’s public life, tastemakers and intellectuals have dismissed him as a vulgarian and carnival barker, a showman with big flash and […]

Broward Republican Chairman Robert Sutton Solves BREC Disqualification Issue Due to strict rules set forth by the Republican Party of Florida, nearly one hundred Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) could have been barred from voting in Monday’s election. Those members did not have a current party loyalty oath filed with the RPOF. Thanks to the hard work of RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day, RPOF […]

Hillary Clinton Calling Voters From Controversial Broward Mosque

Hillary Clinton has held numerous campaign related events at a controversial Broward mosque. On Thursday, the campaign will hold a phonebanking event at the Darul Uloom Institute in Pembroke Pines. According to the official campaign website, “We know that people talking directly to other people is the most effective way to encourage people to vote. […]