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George LeMieux Leaves US Senate Race

Facing “reality”, George LeMieux has ended his campaign for US Senate. LeMieux chose to “bow out gracefully” saying his campaign could not afford a statewide television campaign and he could not get Connie Mack to debate the issues. LeMieux said he would fully support Connie Mack.

Mitt Romney Endorses Connie Mack For US Senate

Anyone who attended the Mitt Romney rally in Pompano Beach had an idea Connie Mack would snag this very important endorsement. Mack was center stage when Romney entered the room last February. The Sun Sentinel reports:

“’Connie Mack is a friend, a strong conservative and the type of principled leader we need in Washington to restore fiscal responsibility,’Romney said. ‘By electing Connie Mack, the people of Florida will be sending a clear message to Senator (Bill) Nelson and President Obama that their failed policies have not worked to change the borrow-and-spend ways of Washington.'”