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Tea Party Fort Lauderdale Leader Danita Kilcullen Has Died

Tea Party Fort Lauderdale Founder Danita Kilcullen has died. Ms. Kilcullen lost her battle with cancer over the weekend. Since 2009, Kilcullen has been the leading Tea Party voice in south Florida.

While we did not always agree with her political views, Danita was a staunch fighter of local corruption. Whether it was rallies on street corners, meetings at loca restaurants, judicial forums or recruiting school board candidates, Kilcullen knew the best place to make real changes were in her own backyard. 

Danita was eager to share our stories with her vast email network. She appreciated a hard-hitting story even if she didn’t agree with it. Danita was always quick to call with compliments. She will be missed.

Rest in peace, Danita.

The following was posted by her family on Facebook:

Danita Kilcullen has gone on to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Danita Kilcullen has passed away from complications caused by her battle with Multiple Myeloma Cancer.

Danita passed at 12:50 am Sunday June 5th 2016 at Broward General Hospital while being comforted bedside by her husband Brian, son Julian, daughter-in-law Sylvia, and dear friend Corinne.

She was the Founder of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, America’s longest running weekly tea party.
Her family would appreciate a short period of privacy as they grieve and make arrangements.  

Karen Harrington Picks Charlie Crist-Loving Vice Chair Who Bashes Rubio, Palin & Tea Party

Karen Harrington, the wannabe leader of Broward Republicans, has picked a running mate who lamented the party of “our great Governor” Charlie Crist had been “hijacked” by “right wing zealots” like Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott, Sarah Palin and the tea party. In a letter sent to Broward Republican activists, Harrington announced Alvin Entin as her running mate in the upcoming BREC elections. Harrington writes, “Mr. Entin will make a great contribution to our team as Vice Chairman bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience helping to develop our outreach efforts and implement a winning strategy moving forward.”

Uh oh. Guess Ms. Harrington didn’t read Entin’s blog entitled, Curmudgeons Curious Condrums.

In a September 2010 post, “My Party Has Been Hijacked”, Entin unleashes his inner curmudgeon against Marco Rubio, Bill McCollum, Rick Scott, Sarah Palin and the tea party:

“The results are in from Delaware and another responsible, intelligent Republican has lost a primary election. It shouldn’t have been a contest. A former Governor, a current Congressman and a fiscal conservative with Moderate views on social issues, Mike Castle has lost to a “tea party” candidate whose only apparent qualification was her endorsement by the high priestess of mediocrity, Sarah Palin. A chance to pick up another US Senate seat lost in the transaction. Voters who can read, understand, and appreciate will desert in droves to the Democratic candidate. If I lived in Delaware I would most definitely be with them. After all here in Florida the self same right wing zealots have pushed our great Governor right out of the Republican party. The Republican nominee, Marco Rubio embraced the same close minded segments of the tea party movement as his fulcrum to power, and now must live with the consequences of his unholy arrangement. He will soon discover that the recipe for success in the primaries will not translate to victory in November. To win you must attract independents and moderates, those voters will flock to Governor Crist.”

Wait, it gets better. Entin says he will not vote for Rubio and Scott and he compares conservatives to racist Democrat bigots from the 1960s South:

“I have never been a fan of Bill McCuollum, yet I voted for him in the primary. I held my nose, but I voted for him. I cannot even hold my nose and vote for Rick Scott or Marco Rubio. This isn’t the first time I have felt this way, but it is the first time I cannot stand silent. My party has been hijacked by the kind of mean, small minded people that used to elect the Eastlands, Russells, Maddoxes to high office in the South”

Entin adverstises his blog on his Facebook page. How could Harrington miss it? This is her first big choice?

What “outreach efforts” will she employ if her handpicked vice chair hates tea partiers and our Governor and our US Senator?

In the race for BREC chairman,Harrington is running against the heavily favored and well liked Rico Petrocelli.



Why Is A Republican Judicial Candidate Paying Judy Stern, Chris Smith’s Mom & Joe Eggelletion’s Brother?

Broward Republicans wonder why tea party favorite Julio Gonzalez, Broward Circuit Court (Circuit 17 Group 45), is paying well-connected Democrats like Judy Stern, uber-lobbyist and salami sandwich doyenne, Helen Hinton, mother of Fl State Senator Chris Smith and Andre Eggelletion, brother of disgraced Broward Commissioner Joe Eggelletion.

Florida Division of Elections records show multiple payments by the Gonzalez campaign to Judith Stern Consulting. Back in February, Gonzalez paid Stern $337.75 for “postage reimbursement.” In April, he paid Stern $3,500 for “consulting”. An August 2012 payment of $2,000 was made for “community outreach.” Finally, on September 7, 2012 Gonzalez gave Judy $1,575 for “marketing.”

Even with Obama in office, $7,412.75 will buy you a lot of salami.

On August 13, 2012 Julio Gonzalez paid Helen Hinton $3,200 for “community outreach”.  Ms. Hinton, the mother of Fl State Senator Chris Smith, was the director of Ebony Strategies. Chris Smith, the incoming Democrat leader of the State Senate, is reviled by Florida Republicans. He is being challenged by newcomer Chris Smithmyer.

Ms. Hinton serves as the director of Friends of Act-So along with Yvette Du Bose, wife of Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Bobby Du Bose. Published reports indicate Commissioner Du Bose may have text conversations with Judy Stern during Commission meetings.

The Gonzalez campaign paid Andre Eggelletion $500 for “recording for radio.” Eggelletion, a controversial local radio DJ, is the brother of disgraced Broward Commissioner Joe Eggelletion. In 2009, Andre was pulled into the bribery investigation which lead to Joe Eggs spending nearly 2 years in prison. According to the South Florida Times, “State prosecutors are investigating to determine if local radio talk show host Andre Eggelletion may have accepted money on behalf of his brother from companies that had business before the county commission, according to sources. Prosecutors are seeking to determine what work Andre Eggelletion’s National Jingle Company performed for Prestige Homes of South Florida, Inc., and whether any of the money from the developer went to Josephus Eggelletion, possibly as a concealed bribe, sources said.” Andre Eggelletion was not charged.

Judy Stern, a staunch defender defender of Joe Eggelletion, was reportedly so angered by Broward State Attorney Mike Satz’s role in the Eggelletion prosecution that she backed his Democrat challenger in the August primary. Stern told the media “‘When someone has been there since 1976, I think we need a fresh approach to the operation.’”  Chris Mancini, Satz’s challenger, attempted to get Joe an early release from prison. Eggelletion was released in July.

In August Gonzalez paid $1,500 to “Duke of Earle” for a “radio spot.” Bevan Earle, a director for the inactive Duke of Earle Group, is no stranger to Broward politics. In 2008, he received thousands of dollars for “media” work on Scott Israel’s failed campaign for Broward Sheriff. Who ran Scott Israel’s 2008 campaign?

Yep, Judy Stern. Israel 2008 campaign records show payments of $20,300 to Stern.

Gonzalez is hoping his Republican and Tea Party support will carry him back to the Broward bench in November. However, some of his supporters are beginning to wonder if his paid campaign team, coupled with his employment at Rothstein, Rosenfeldt Adler will undermine his Republican support.