Karen Harrington Throws Former Broward GOP Chairmen Under The Bus

Karen Harrington dropped out of the Broward GOP chair race in a scorched earth email that threw former Broward Republican leaders under the bus. Former Chairman Shane Strum vehemently denies supporting Harrington. Here is the email: “When I was recruited to run for chair of the Broward Republican Party, there was a necessity and desire […]

Broward GOP Chair Hopeful Petrocelli Picks Up 250+ Endorsements

Broward Republican Executive Chair candidate Rico Petrocelli has picked up the endorsement of more that 250 Broward Republican activists. As of November 29, Petrocelli had 254 endorsements from members of the committee. Such a strong showing makes Petrocelli the overwhelming favorite to win Monday’s election. Petrocelli was endorsed by Coral Spring mayor Vince Boccard, Coral […]

Karen Harrington Picks Charlie Crist-Loving Vice Chair Who Bashes Rubio, Palin & Tea Party

Karen Harrington, the wannabe leader of Broward Republicans, has picked a running mate who lamented the party of “our great Governor” Charlie Crist had been “hijacked” by “right wing zealots” like Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott, Sarah Palin and the tea party. In a letter sent to Broward Republican activists, Harrington announced Alvin Entin […]