Broward GOP Chair Hopeful Petrocelli Picks Up 250+ Endorsements

Broward Republican Executive Chair candidate Rico Petrocelli has picked up the endorsement of more that 250 Broward Republican activists. As of November 29, Petrocelli had 254 endorsements from members of the committee. Such a strong showing makes Petrocelli the overwhelming favorite to win Monday’s election.

Petrocelli was endorsed by Coral Spring mayor Vince Boccard, Coral Springs commissioners Dan Daley and Tom Powers as well as Hollywood commissioner Patricia Assef. Petrocelli has been endorsed by the current BREC board.

Petrocelli is running with Christine Butler (vice chair), Mark McCarthy (treasurer) and Cara Christine Pavalock (secretary).

Petrocelli’s opponent, Ms. Karen Harrington was stung by recent reports regarding Alivin Entin, her choice for vice chair. In a 2010 blog, Entin blasted Governor Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Sarah Palin and other “right-wing zealots”. Entin expressed admiration for his “great Governor” Charlie Crist.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. The Harrington/Manjarres/Hamze trio are about to become three-time losers. Harrington has no following within BREC. People have no respect for her or her co-horts. I wouldn’t be suprised if she didn’t show up tonight. She will end up losing worse than the beating she took at the hands of DWS.


    1. She and her blogger buddy ran the most stupid primary campaign I’ve seen in years. How smart was it to personally attack your opponents where they wouldn’t lift a finger to help you in the general election! Now lets see how that works out for you when the remaining people turn their backs on you tonight when voting!


  2. What Goes Around Comes Around

    Karen Harrington did herself a big favor by dropping out of the race for BREC Chair. She, along with Javier Manjarres are possibly the two most disliked “so-called” Republicans in Broward County. She would have been beaten badly by the voting members and run-out of town on a rail tonight!

    For a moment a felt bad for her… but when I remember how disgraceful her and her partner JM behaved during the primary election attacking her opponents, she gets the big thumbs down!

    The way “her” team ran “her” campaigns in 2010 & 2012 was pathetic. Maybe in the future you won’t attack fellow Republicans like you “guys” did! Oh thats right, you only switched to being a Republican shortly before running. What a phony! Harrington, you are one big loser!

    What Goes Around Comes Around


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