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Vice-Chair Discusses Leadership Change At Broward Republican Party

Following the surprise resignation of Broward Republican Party chair Christine Butler on Monday, REDBROWARD spoke with Broward Republican Vice Chair Robert Sutton. The Party board met Monday night to discuss changes and new events. As vice chair, Sutton will become chair when Butler leaves on August 31.

An email to party members on Tuesday echoed the discussion at the board meeting. The Party wished Butler well with her upcoming marriage and urged everybody to celebrate her service at the August meeting.

Dear BREC Members:
Yesterday our Chairman, Christine Butler, announced she will be getting married and moving to Palm Beach County in September, and we, her Board, would like to sincerely and publicly thank her for her years of service to BREC and especially her time as Chairman. 
As a reminder, there is no meeting scheduled for July and Christine’s last meeting as Chair will be the meeting on Monday, August 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the Deicke Auditorium in Plantation.  (5701 Cypress Rd, Plantation, FL 33317)
Please join us in congratulating Christine and wishing her the best in her upcoming nuptials and all of her future endeavors!
Your BREC Board

Broward Republican Chair Resigns

CABBroward Republican Chair Christine Butler is resigning. In an email to Broward Republicans, Butler says she is moving to Palm Beach County to run for the Supervisor of Elections Office. Butler says she will remain in office until August 31.

Here’s the email:

Dear BREC Members:

It is important that I share with you recent developments affecting my ability to continue as your elected Chairman.   It is with great joy that I announce that I have recently become engaged and plan to be married in September.  After careful consideration of personal, career and political goals, I have decided to move to Palm Beach County.   My law office and practice are already located in Boca Raton.

As I will no longer be living in Broward County as of September 1, it will be necessary for me to resign from my position as Chairman of BREC, effective August 31, 2015.  I will remain in my position as Chairman through the August 24 BREC meeting.

Politically, I am contemplating a run for Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County.   I believe I stand a better chance of winning elected office in Palm Beach than in Broward County, and if successful, would be in a position to effect positive changes to protect the integrity and fairness of elections and voting as Supervisor of Elections.    I also intend to remain active in the GOP through membership in the Palm Beach REC and by engaging in Presidential and Congressional campaigns and conservative issues.  I will continue to work with and support BREC on campaigns and issues affecting both Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

I wish to thank all of my steadfast supporters in BREC.  I am grateful for your trust and confidence in my leadership and for all your hard work and dedication to the mission of BREC.   Although recent developments in my personal life preclude me from completing my term of office, my departure is timed to minimize any disruption to ongoing plans and strategies I have initiated for BREC and the 2016 Election.   I leave you with a well-financed BREC, having presided over a successful Lincoln Day and fundraisers.  BREC Committees are organized and up and running.  Efforts are underway for Lincoln Day 2016, precinct training, membership recruiting and Campaign 2016.  Together, we have made many positive changes to BREC, including relocating BREC meetings to the center of Broward County and turning around a financial drain of $800 per meeting to positive cash flow through sponsored meetings.

I leave the leadership of BREC in competent hands of your elected BREC Board and pledge to work closely with the Board to make a smooth transition in leadership.

The success of BREC and the GOP in Broward in 2016 is not solely dependent upon the Chairman or any one person.   On numerous occasions, I have emphasized the importance of Broward County to the Presidential Election in 2016.   I encourage all BREC Members and Republican Clubs to join together, work as a dedicated team to focus your collective energy and resources to supporting the next BREC Chairman in accomplishing the No. 1 Goal of successfully electing a Republican President in 2016. 

There is no greater mission or challenge for Republicans in Florida than electing Republicans to the White House, Congress and State Legislature in 2016!    

It has been a great honor and privilege to work with each one of you over the last five years that I have served in BREC as Precinct Committeewoman of T010, Vice Chairman and Chairman, and I wish you Godspeed and Victory in Broward County.

God bless and keep you!


Your Chairman