“Conservative” Resume? Broward Republican Leader Richard DeNapoli Served As Intern In Clinton White House, Was Disciple Of Broward Democrat Known As “The Judical Kingmaker”

In a 2010 e-mail to members of the Broward Republican Republican Executive Committee (BREC), Richard DeNapoli touted his “conservative” resume as the main reason why Republicans should make him the next party chairman. DeNapoli listed his involvement with college republicans, attendance at events and even his position as an intern in the Clinton White House. …

REAL POLITICS: Broward County Commission Candidate Chuck Lanza

   “Real Politics With Robert Sutton” on Bleeple.com featured an interview with Broward County Commission candidate Chuck Lanza.  http://youtu.be/Ily74TktdWE

Broward Republican Party Chairman Delivers Christmas Message

A Christmas greeting from Broward Republican Party Chairman Robert Sutton and family. http://youtu.be/vpB-Bu7WSNg