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David Gobeo Kicks Off Campaign For Parkland Commission


On Saturday afternoon, David Gobeo kicked off his campaign for Parkland City Commission. Gobeo, a local attorney and president of the Republican Business Network, is seeking the District 4 seat. Gobeo said he wants to help local businesses and homeowners that have been hurt by the economic recession.

Among those turning out to support Mr. Gobeo were Coral Springs Commissioners Tom Powers and Vince Boccard, Broward County Commission candidate Robert Sutton, Coral Springs City Commission candidate Dan Daley, Florida House candidate Jim Gleason and Broward GOP chairman Richard DeNapoli.



Stacy Ritter YouTube Video With Lori Parrish Raises Huge Question

The latest YouTube video starring Stacy Ritter (D-Let Them Eat Cake) and Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish raises a huge question:

Why is the old lady eating a bagel with her sunglasses on?

private eyes, are watching you...

Is she working undercover for her GOP opponent Robert Sutton? Is she part of her King’s Point Security Detail? Is she there to make sure Stacy doesn’t run up another huge tab?

Broward demands answers!!!