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“Pedophile Island”: Drone Footage Exposes Jeffery Epstein Caribbean Compound

Weird buildings…pit disguised as tennis court…underground tunnels…all part of the mystery surrounding the island owned by sexual predator Jeffery Epstein. Now, drone footage of the island compound gives the world access to “pedophile island.”

Jeffery Epstein Lawyer Recruited Alexander Acosta To Prestigious Firm

The Miami Herald is (rightfully) getting all the attention for its coverage of the Jeffery Epstein case, but a thirteen year old Sun-Sentinel story disclosed the close ties between former US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and Epstein’s legal team. Last Friday, Acosta resigned as Labor Secretary after many questioned his role in drafting a 2008 plea deal for Epstein. In a 2011 letter to The Daily Beast, Acosta claimed Epstein’s lawyers were investigating the prosecutors and their families as means to pressure the US Attorney. Two members of Epstein’s legal team were Guy Lewis and Ken Starr.

In June 2006, the Sun-Sentinel reported on the permanent appointment of Alexander Acosta as the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Acosta was named interim US Attorney in 2005. part of the story, reporter Vanessa Blum spoke with the man who previously held the post as South Florida’s top prosecutor–Guy Lewis.

According to the report, Acosta was a “beltway insider.” Lewis told the Sun-Sentinel that Acosta’s political acumen would help him run the office.

“Alex brings a very close, very strong positive relationship with the hierarchy of the department and the White House,” Lewis said. “He has the ability to get on the phone and call the attorney general.”

Did Acosta “get on the phone and call the attorney general” when Guy Lewis worked for Jeffery Epstein?

The Sun-Sentinel delved into Acosta’s legal resume. The newspaper reported on his early legal career working for US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and another Federal Judge. Then, “Acosta was subsequently recruited to the law firm Kirkland & Ellis by Ken Starr, who later served as Whitewater independent counsel.”

Last Friday, Ken Starr appeared on Fox News to discuss his legal work for Jeffery Epstein. Starr claimed his role was simply to address “federalism” claims in the case. Starr said Acosta took a hard line in negotiating with the Epstein lawyers. He never mentioned recruiting Acosta to Kirkland Ellis.

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