Karen Harrington dropped out of the Broward GOP chair race in a scorched earth email that threw former Broward Republican leaders under the bus. Former Chairman Shane Strum vehemently denies supporting Harrington.

Here is the email:

“When I was recruited to run for chair of the Broward Republican Party, there was a necessity and desire to change the leadership of our local party. Along with former BREC Chairmen Chip La Marca, Ed Pozzuoli, Kevin Tynan and Shane Strum it was agreed that the leadership of Richard DeNapoli lacked the vision and competence to recover from this years devastating election cycle.

We embarked on this journey to achieve two goals. The first was to bring new leadership to the BREC. The second was to remove Richard DeNapoli from his position as BREC Chairman.

But with the announcement that Mr. DeNapoli decided not to seek reelection, there was less of a need for me, and the fine individuals who were running on my slate to become officers of BREC. We have collectively decided that there is no need to divide the party further by having an election Monday evening, wherein we believe the result will be like the last BREC election – decided by a few votes – which left the party divided for the last two years.

In having achieved our goals to bring new leadership to BREC and removing Richard DeNapoli from his position, I and the candidates that were running on my slate of officers, have decided in the interests of party unity not to seek nomination as an officer of BREC. We wish each of the incoming officers of BREC the best of luck and promise our collective support as our party moves forward to unify and grow.


Karen Harrington”