Blue Monday For The Broward Blues

The gang of Democrats known as the “Broward Blues” are singing the blues this Monday as their chosen one, Cynthia Busch was crushed by Mitch Caesar in the race to lead Broward Dems.

Caesar, a little known comedian, has beaten the Blues gang twice this year. On Sunday Caesar had 340 votes to Busch’s 242.

Busch was elected vice chair of the party which means she’s gets 5 minutes to speak while no one listens at the monthly meetings. Barbara Miller spent all that cash for control of vice chair?

Perhaps Busch’s fatal error was enlisting the help of “The Chairmen”. Kidding! More on them real soon.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Your analysis is subject to point of view. First, Mitch Ceasar’s slate lost two of the top 3 DEC posts. He lost State Committeewoman to Maggie Davis whose democratic club he tried unsuccessfully to shut down for his own personal reasons. He does that to many clubs. He also lost 1st vice-chair to Cynthia Busch. He almost lost the 2nd vice-chair to Rick Hoye (by one vote for a tie and two for win). I doubt either one are his allies.

    To say the Broward Blues were crushed or otherwise is yet to be seen. The Broward DEC, AKA Mitch, received a donation of at least $10,000 from Alcee Hastings. Some have said that was to buy a 1st vice-chair position for Jasmin Shirley. Mitch did not deliver. True or not, that is the scuttlebutt.

    Furthermore, one of the Glasser’s were alleged to have made an odd statement after Dianne Glasser’s weird outburst and ignorance of the rules lost her the State Committeewoman position. The quote I was told went like this and is second hand: “that moron cynthia busch ruined it for us”
    What the hay does that mean?

    Other non-Mitch people (not sure if Broward Blues) were said to not have run because Mitch was still Chair. That may have been a mistake but I understand their view.

    From a lowly non-elected person’s view, I think Mitch lost a tremendous amount of “power”, since it is not clear what he can deliver to anyone now (if he ever did).

    A lot of people, including Mitch’s own supporters, were overheard talking the paper that was handed out or laying on a table describing some DEC expenditures. Many seemed quite displeased and perplexed. I was. Perhaps that is why Cynthia Busch won 1st chair so as to keep a close eye on him. I think following the $$$ will be an interesting thing for a reporter to do. It seems like Mitch is giving very little $$$ towards elections while keeping a secretary and office for himself. I won’t be giving him any money this time that is for sure! Only a fool would – including clubs, candidates and elected officials. Fool me once etc. I will give again when he is gone.

    Oddly, the link to the Broward DEC’s financials on its website (Mitch run) does not seem to work. Some have said it rarely, if ever has. No wonder, but now the cat’s out of the bag.

    At a minimum Cynthia Busch accomplished that for the entire party.


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