Blue Monday For The Broward Blues

The gang of Democrats known as the “Broward Blues” are singing the blues this Monday as their chosen one, Cynthia Busch was crushed by Mitch Caesar in the race to lead Broward Dems.

Caesar, a little known comedian, has beaten the Blues gang twice this year. On Sunday Caesar had 340 votes to Busch’s 242.

Busch was elected vice chair of the party which means she’s gets 5 minutes to speak while no one listens at the monthly meetings. Barbara Miller spent all that cash for control of vice chair?

Perhaps Busch’s fatal error was enlisting the help of “The Chairmen”. Kidding! More on them real soon.


Five Good Reasons To Vote Against Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter

Charlie Crist and Stacy Ritter
Stacy Ritter and Jim Belushi
Stacy Ritter and Senator Harry Reid
Dan Rather and Stacy Ritter
President Obama and Stacy Ritter

Anyone know if Stacy Ritter is still the Broward County Chairperson for Barack Obama’s Campaign? She was back in 2008. Wonder how the folks in King’s Point feel about Obama these days? Oh never mind, they’ve been telling us.

And yes Broward voters, you will have to either vote FOR Stacy Ritter or vote AGAINST Stacy Ritter.

No more free passes…

Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli Discusses Presidential Campaigns, Redistricting and Congressman Allen West

RED BROWARD caught up with BROWARD GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli at Sunday’s Santorum rally in Coral Springs. He discusses Broward’s role in the Presidential campaigns as well as the redistricting plans affecting Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation).

Don’t forget tonight’s Broward GOP at 7pm Sheraton Suites on Cypress Creek Road. US Senate candidate Craig Miller will be the guest speaker.