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Stacy Ritter Wants Coral Springs To Elect Fancy Pants Eye Doctor?



It seems Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) continues to meddle in other Broward County races. A direct mail piece from Coral Springs Commission candidate Mark Gendal (D-Dandy) features a big picture of Ritter and Mayor Roy Gold (D-if I only had a spine).

Ritter says Gendal is the “clear choice” who “walks his talk” while bringing “wealth”. Judging from the French cuffs and links he sported at a recent debate, Gendal has plenty of “wealth.

The funniest part of the the piece is the claim his opponent, front-runner Dan Daley is ruled by special interests and insiders. Oh Puh-leeze Mark, you’ve been dragging marionette strings everywhere you go.

Ritter despises Daley’s former boss, Ari Abraham Porth.

Gendal, Broward Sheriff candidate Scott J. Israel (D-Republican), School Board candidate Abby Freedman (D-moneybags) Coral Springs mayoral wannabee John Arnold (D-Ken Fink), Jared Moskowitz (D-Bubble Boy) are rumored to be firmly on Team Ritter. Sources say Team Ritter is getting a big assist from Judge Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) and her usual cast of flunkies, shills and ne’er do-wells.

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Stacy Ritter Pays $8000 For A Poll


Broward County Commission Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) paid $8,000 for a poll. No, not a “dancer’s” pole. Stacy and her lobbyist hubby Russ Klenet wanted to gauge public opinion. Hmmm, what did they learn?

According to her latest campaign report, Stacy raised a measly $8,426.23 while she spent $8,2500. She had to get some California relatives to donate too.

Times must be really tough in lobbyist land. First Franklin Sands and now Russ & Stacy.

Maybe they’ll put the baby grand piano on eBay? (Judy Stern loves those Comcast ad buys which aren’t cheap).

Ritter faces Republican Robert “Bob” Sutton on November 6.

Winter is coming.