Just Say No!

http://youtu.be/uE0XjpaT_0s Loyal readers know RED BROWARD doesn’t make endorsements. Instead we tell you candidates you should NOT vote for on Tuesday. So get high on yourself and just say no to these candidates: Dr Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal, Coral Springs City Commission: when not buying cuff links or fancy pants, Dr Mark Gendal takes advice […]

Elections Commission Wonders If Dr. Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal Follows The Rules?

Does Dr. Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal continue to flaunt campaign laws in his bid for a Coral Springs commission? First, Gendal, running as non-partisan, told voters he was a Democrat. Then, Gendal, Stacy Ritter’s favorite eye “doctor” was busted passing out Broward Democrat Party palm cards. In the image above, Gendal is pictured campaigning well […]

Broward Obama Supporter Nearly Arrested For Violating Campaign Laws in Coral Springs

Chaos continues at the Coral Springs Early Voting location. Broward School Board candidate Abby Freedman (D-Alone) continues to aggravate candidates, campaign workers, poll deputies and voters with her overly aggressive campaign techniques. Freedman repeatedly tells Republicans she has the GOP endorsement. She knows this is not the truth. The Broward Republican Party joined local democrats […]