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Broward Republican Calls Superintendent Robert Runcie An “A..hole” After GOP Meeting (VIDEO)

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie might have received a polite introduction from Party Chairman George Moraitis, but rank and file members of the Broward Republican Party were not happy to hear from him. As first reported by Sun-Sentinel reporter Anthony Man, Runcie got an earful from members at the monthly party meeting in Plantation. Man described a particularly pointed comment from a member he identified as Robert Kornhornen.

In a tweet, Man wrote:

Then a man in a Trump t-shirt offered his views:

“Thank’s a lot a–h—. Why don’t you get your ass back to Chicago where you belong.”

A woman in the group (Joy Richards) apologized to Runcie:

“That is rude. We don’t talk like that.”

REDBROWARD obtained video of the encounter:

Republican Party Of Florida Tells Rupert Tarsey To Stop Emailing Members

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) wants controversial Broward Republican Rupert Tarsey to stop sending official looking emails to members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). In an email to Tarsey’s attorney, the RPOF said they find Tarsey’s emails “especially concerning.” RPOF General Counsel Ben Gibson refers to “copies of emails sent by Mr. Tarsey that appear on its face to constitute official communications from BREC, when in fact, they are not. These emails have been sent to the BREC list serve, contain the official BREC logo, and state that they are sent “On behalf of Broward GOP.”

Gibson tells Tarsey the BREC logo, insigina and email list are property of BREC and “are to be only used for official communications from the BREC.”

In plain English, Gibson writes, “This means that without the proper authorization, a communication should not utilize BREC resources including the BREC email list-serve or official BREC logos and markers, and should clearly indicate whom the communication is from.” Gibson warns, “In no way should the communication cause confusion among BREC members about whether or not it is coming officially from the BREC.”

According to the RPOF, only the Chairman, a majority of the board or a vote by the BREC can authorize an email. Would State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli and Treasurer Kevin Moot vote with Tarsey to send an email?


The confusion over emails began last month when Secretary Rupert Tarsey planned an illgeal meeting at Deicke Auditorium. According to sources, Tarsey hopes to become the next Chairman of BREC. Former Chairman Rico Petrocelli reserved the Plantation meeting space even though the BREC membership was told there was no September meeting. At the venue, allies of Tarsey were telling members to ignore an RPOF ruling which declared the meeting as illegal. One ally even claimed the email from RPOF Parliamentarian was “fake news.”

Despite the RPOF ruling, Tarsey presided over the proceedings which included petition signing. The petition signing table was manned by Rupert Tarsey’s mother, Patrice Tarsey.

In an email sent over the weekend, Rupert Tarsey announced yet another special meeting to vote on the removal of Chairman Robert Sutton.

Besides delusions of grandeur, Tarsey is apparently upset that news of his 2007 arrest for the attempted first degree murder of a female classmate has made international headlines. Tarsey has repeatedly blamed Sutton and this reporter for telling members how he beat a female classmate more than 40 times with a claw hammer. In 2010, Tarsey would plead no contest to one count of aggravated assault with deadly weapon.

In his email, Tarsey tells BREC members to “ignore” any texts, emails or phone calls which say the meeting is canceled. Tarsey wrote, “Chairman Sutton has no authority to cancel this meeting.” Tarsey urges BREC members to “immediately report any instances of intimidation.”

Even though Tarsey was told his position was no vacant, he signed the email, “BREC Secretary Rupert Tarsey.”

Will rank and file BREC members listen to the RPOF again? Will Rupert Tarsey and his allies do anything to gain control of BREC? Do people feel safe attending a meeting lead by Tarsey?