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Strike Three For Rupert Tarsey As RPOF Cancels Next Broward Republican Meeting

Rupert Tarsey and his allies will not get their third shot at removing Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) Chairman Robert Sutton. On Tuesday, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) sent word that no meeting should be held until the Party hears grievances filed against Tarsey and Sutton on October 27th in Tallahassee. The next regularly scheduled BREC meeting was scheduled for October 23rd at Deicke Auditorium.

On Wednesday, Chairman Sutton and Vice Chair Celeste Ellich sent the following email to members:

This is to inform you that the BREC meeting scheduled for 10/23 is cancelled. Many of you are unaware that grievances have been filed against BREC Chairman Bob Sutton and BREC Secretary Rupert Tarsey with the Republican Party of Florida. Both grievances seek the removal of the respective Respondents. The RPOF which has ultimate jurisdiction over matters of Party discipline has set a hearing on all matters relating to the BREC grievances for October 27th. After conferring with the RPOF it was determined that the Republican Party would be better served without the possibility of inconsistent outcomes involving the respective individuals being resolved on the 27th. Subsequent to that process being concluded the meeting will be re-scheduled.

Last week, the RPOF stopped a “blatant case of a illegal meeting” called by Tarsey. This was his second attempt to remove Sutton. RPOF Parliamentarian J.C. Martin told the members that Tarsey failed to give them ten days notice of the meeting, which is a requirement of any special meeting. Martin said Tarsey could not even provide proof that email were sent to members. REDBROWARD reported that written notices were sent eight days before the meeting and received just 6 days before the meeting. Martin told Sutton to “close this down.”

One day after this embarrassing failure, an email, sent by an account used by Tarsey, stated the motion to remove Sutton had been refiled by Michael J. Kane and would be heard at the October regular meeting. The new motion changed the title of Kane’s association with the RPOF. In the previous motion, Kane was referred to as a former RPOF “staffer.”

In an interview with REDBROWARD, Kane, a BREC member since August, admitted he was not a staffer. The new motion lists the twenty year old Boca High School grad as a “former RPOF employee.” Kane admitted his motion is filled with information gleaned from conversations with Dolly Rump, Rupert Tarsey and BREC treasurer Kevin Moot. In fact, Kane admitted he never visited any polling locations in Broward County.

At the October 11th meeting, Kane admitted to REDBROWARD he has yet to cast a single vote in Broward County. In November 2016, Kane voted in Palm Beach County.

Once again, these young Broward newcomers with delusions of grandeur have wasted the time of Broward Republicans. Many members, even Sutton opponents, are tired of the games played by Tarsey and his allies on the BREC board.

One member said he was glad the RPOF “dropped the hammer” on Tarsey. (No pun intended).

But the October 11th meeting was not an entire waste. Rupert Tarsey seemed to enjoy the free Cuban food available after the abrupt end to the meeting.

I Stand With Lizzie Barcay

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”– Abraham Lincoln

Tonight I will stand with Elizabeth Barcay.

Ten years ago, Lizzie Barcay was a 17 year old senior awaiting graduation from the exclusive Harvard Westlake School in California. The daughter of two accomplished physicians, Lizzie Barcay was no spolied rich kid. Reports from her school newspaper say Lizzie was active in school projects meant to help troubled students.

Ten years ago, she encountered her classmate, Rupert Ditsworth. Sensing he needed to talk, Lizzie Barcay approached Ditsworth. She accepted his invitation to the local Jamba Juice. On the way back to school, Ditsworth attacked Lizzie Barcay. Published reports say Ditsworth hit Lizzie Barcay over forty times with a claw hammer. When the hammer broke, Ditsworth tried to strangle Lizzie Barcay. She survived the brutal attack. Ditsworth was charged with first degree attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Three years later, Ditsworth would plead no contest to a felony assault charge. He served six years of felony probation.

Shortly after his arrest, Ditsworth relocated to Broward County. He changed his name. You may know him as Rupert Tarsey, secretary of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC).

Last month, Tarsey and fellow board members Richard DeNapoli and Kevin Moot voted to hold a special meeting to remove current Chairman Robert Sutton.

Eventually, less than seventy people signed a petition supporting Tarsey’s ploy to become the next BREC Chairman.

I attended that unauthorized meeting. Dissenting opinions were not welcomed. Tarsey said I was not allowed to be there. Eventually, Rico Petrocelli called to the Plantation Police. The always professional Plantation Police asked me to leave. I complied. It’s not the first, or last time, some politician calls the cops on me.

Tarsey will try to remove Sutton again tonight at another meeting in Plantation.

I will be at Deicke Auditorium at 7pm.

I will stand with all the BREC members who have been threatened or pressured to play along in this childish game.

I will stand with BREC members who were victimized by cowardly anonymous emails.

I will stand with those subjected to homophobic slurs.

I will stand with those who suffered from bigoted religious attacks.

I will stand with those who were confronted, in person, by hired investigators.

Make no mistake, this was never about Chairman Sutton or fundraising or voter registration.

This has always been a raw power grab. An attempted coup intended to catapult newcomers into positions of power.

These delusions of grandeur were fueled by cynical operatives eager to settle old scores.

When Tarsey’s past made international headlines, his seasoned supporters should have stood down. Instead, these experienced professional men and women with families doubled down in their support of a young man who spent considerable time getting court-ordered medical help.

Tarsey showed no remorse. He blamed this reporter for making his past up. He blamed the victim. He said she was bigger than him. He said he acted in self-defense.

So, tonight I will stand with Lizzie Barcay.

The current scandal involving Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has exposed how his money and power kept people silent in the face of his horrible treatment of women.

His disgusting attacks on women were out there when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took Weinstein’s money.

Now, celebrities “speak out” after they’ve been shamed by their silence.

Republicans never get that kind of a pass from the mainstream media.

Chairman Rupert Tarsey would be an albatross around the neck of every Republican. The media would demand every Republican denounce Tarsey.

The phony outrage machine would hold President Trump and every Republican responsible for Rupert Tarsey.

The media would continue to push the false narrative that Republicans do not care about women.

Tonight, you can say “enough.”

This isn’t about Bob Sutton. It’s our chance to stand up and say “enough.”

No matter the outcome, nobody can ever say you stood by in silence.

Tonight, stand with Lizzie Barcay.

Team Rupert Tarsey Makes Laughable Claim–Broward Republican Chair Is Secret Agent For Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (?!?)

As REDBROWARD reported last week, Rupert Tarsey vowed revenge on those he believes uncovered his brutal criminal past. In 2007, Tarsey, then known as Rupert Ditsworth, was charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a vicious hammer attack on a female classmate. Prosecutors said Tarsey hit 17 year-old Lizzie Barcay forty times with a claw hammer. Three years later, Tarsey plead no contest to a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

News of Tarsey’s criminal past made international headlines over the Labor Day weekend. Tarsey was upset the news interfered with his plan to be named the next Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). Days earlier, Tarsey, State Committeman Richard DeNapoli and Treasurer Kevin Moot voted to hold a special meeting to remove current Chairman Robert Sutton. Tarsey could only gather 70 new members and malcontents to the meeting which was declared illegal by the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). Tarsey and Co. will try to remove Sutton again tonight at another “special meeting.”

Last week, Tarsey told a Republican ally, “Obviously I’m not going to let it slide. I’m not going to let all the attacks they’ve done just slide.” In this conversation with a Broward Republican, Rupert Tarsey discussed firsthand knowledge of a recent hit piece detailing the criminal history of a Sutton supporter. Th anonymous email attacking the Sutton supporter was sent from the “BREC4Change” email account. The email promised an upcoming hit piece on Robert Nichols, the BREC legal counsel. The anonymous email was not an authorized communication.

In his conversation with the Broward Republican, Tarsey mentioned upcoming attacks on other members including this reporter. Tarsey even discussed this reporter’s minor children.

As promised, BREC4CHANGE sent another email attack on Tuesday. It attacked this reporter as the “Chief of Fake News.”

Proving that the sender of the email is a rank amateur, the attack included links to other hit pieces that may have not been sent. The account shows 5 email pieces were created between October 2 and October 10, 2017.


One of the most laughable attacks claims Chairman Sutton is a secret agent working on behalf of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Out of Touch). The email includes a photograph of Sutton and DWS taken at a public event.

The email lists several dubious claims under the photograph. “Why has there been zero voter registrations turned in under Mr. Sutton’s leadership? Why has there been so much infighting under Mr. Sutton’s leadership? Why has so little effort been made to go after Democrats?”

The implication being Sutton is working for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Clearly, the BREC4Change research team spends more time on the ocean than reading REDBROWARD.

Last year, REDBROWARD exposed how leaked DNC emails showed Wasserman-Schultz was behind media attacks on Broward Republican Chairman Robert Sutton.

During the Republican National Convention in Cleveland,  Wikileaks released emails which showed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) orchestrated the “outrage” over an off-color remark by Broward Republican Party Chairman Robert Sutton. In April 2016, Sutton told the Washington Post, “I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton she’s going to go down like Monica Lewinsky.” While Sutton later apologized for offending anyone, Wikileaks shows Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC immediately jumped into action to create phony outrage over his remark. (Another BREC4CHANGE email attacks Sutton for making this statement)

On April 28, 2016, Luis Miranda, DNC Communications Director, received an email from Mark Paustenbach, the DNC National Press Secretary. The subject line of his email read:

“Subject: chair wants to do a statement from the DNC denouncing this guy… a gop county chair…”

At the behest of Wasseman-Schultz, the DNC phony outrage machine jumped into action.

Emails showed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was “pushing for [action on the Sutton remark].” DNC operatives emails showed Wasserman-Schultz’s including picking the order of the quotes to be included in the DNC press release.

“DWS wants them to go out in this order. Tom please send her final copy for her to review with her quote. These are final from Cynthia and Allison.”

On Friday, April 29th, DNC operatives worked on quotes condemning Sutton. But they had trouble finding someone to attribute the quote. A DNC operative told Luis Miranda that nobody was around due to the Passover holiday.

“The FDP [Florida Democratic Party] is closed today; emailed Max [Steele] but he’s probably not around given today is the last day of Passover. I can reach out to the Broward County Chair if you think she would be a good person to attribute the statement to.”

Even though Broward Democrat Chair Cynthia Busch was an afterthought to the DNC, she had already chimed in on the Sutton story. Busch gave a rather mild statement to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel rebuking the comment by Sutton. However, the DNC wordsmiths would eventually craft a nastier statement for Busch calling for Sutton’s resignation.

Team Hillary Wants Subject Dropped

While Debbie Wasseman-Schultz and the DNC gleefully blasted out their response to Bob Sutton’s remarks, it appears the Hillary Clinton campaign wanted to change the subject.  On Friday, April 29th, DNC research staffer Jeremy Brinster sent an email documenting Team Hillary’s feelings:

Research feels like we shouldn’t necessarily double down on this, since it gets into defense of HRC and it dredges up talk about Lewinsky that HFA [Hillary For America] probably doesn’t want to continue to focus on.”

Hmmm, if Chairman Sutton was really a secret agent for her, why would Debbie Wasserman-Schultz gin up the phony outrage machine?

Simply answer: Because Sutton is not an ally of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He has repeatedly attacked her politics and her policies. Sutton has supported candidates running against her.

But Tarsey and Co. are so close to gaining control of BREC they can taste it. Sutton’s opponents have spread fake news and gossip for months. On Monday night, another anonymous email launched a bigoted attack on a longtime BREC member whose only sin was to say he would never support Tarsey. The member is a well-liked, experienced political veteran of numerous Republican battles against Democrats. He is a grown-up, not some kid with delusions of grandeur.

He dared say he would not stand with Rupert Tarsey.

Tonight, who will stand with Rupert Tarsey and his allies? Who will sit in silence while Rupert Tarsey gets closer to becoming the next Chairman of the Broward Republican Party?

Who will stand up and say “enough?”