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Broward Republican Calls Superintendent Robert Runcie An “A..hole” After GOP Meeting (VIDEO)

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie might have received a polite introduction from Party Chairman George Moraitis, but rank and file members of the Broward Republican Party were not happy to hear from him. As first reported by Sun-Sentinel reporter Anthony Man, Runcie got an earful from members at the monthly party meeting in Plantation. Man described a particularly pointed comment from a member he identified as Robert Kornhornen.

In a tweet, Man wrote:

Then a man in a Trump t-shirt offered his views:

“Thank’s a lot a–h—. Why don’t you get your ass back to Chicago where you belong.”

A woman in the group (Joy Richards) apologized to Runcie:

“That is rude. We don’t talk like that.”

REDBROWARD obtained video of the encounter:

The Broward Way…

Did we miss the memo? Is fighting corruption a right/left thing? Ever wonder where the money went? Ever wonder why kids are graduating? Ever wonder why schools are falling apart? Ever wonder why the well-connected get cushy jobs? Ever wonder why the media won’t connect the dots?

Why did the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel report Sylvia Poitier was charged with “misconduct”? Did she talk during naptime? Did she bring beer into the sorority house?

Remember Vicente Thrower? He’s from Deerfield too. Judge Feren made the news today. Now, Diana Wasserman Rubin (previously charged) has to hear her hubby  is facing tax evasion charges. Rubin was a lobbyist for lots of Broward cities, while his old lady was Broward County Commissioner.

A sitting School Board member is being investigated for assaulting his opponent. Another School Board member spews racist filth without punishment.

Another Broward County employee is telling tales to the authorities about her role in the Chait mess.

Had enough yet? Rumors abound that Florida Governor Rick Scott has had enough.

Somebody do something!

What are you prepared to do?