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Plantation Gated Community Hosting Pricey Nikki Fried Reception Tonight

Tonight’s fundraiser for Democrat Nikki Fried’s gubernatorial campaign isn’t for the common voter. The reception takes place in an atypical City of Plantation neighborhood. The Hawks Landing gated community is surrounded by high concrete walls and metal gates. The neighborhood is patrolled by private security guards.

The fundraiser is hosted by local lobbyists, vendors and lawyers already working for her campaign. If you want to join the host committee you will have to pony up $3,000 for the honor. A ticket to the event is only $500 bucks. Just a bit overpriced for an evening of watered down drinks, lukewarm sushi and legalized marijuana chit chat, no?

Nikki Fried is running against Charlie Crist for the Democrat nomination. The winner takes on the very popular Governor Ron DeSantis in November 2022.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO! Broward School Member Rosalind Osgood Making Bogus Partisan Claims Against Laurie Rich Levinson Opponent

The Laurie Rich Levinson campaign is desperate to turn her non-partisan Broward School Board race into a politics-as-usual smear campaign. One of Levinson’s biggest backers is her fellow school board member Rosalind Osgood. While campaigning for Levinson at the West Regional Library in Plantation, Osgood posted multiple live videos on Facebook.

In one video (since pulled down) Osgood makes multiple claims that Levinson’s opponent, Dr. Richard Mendelson, is telling voters he is a “proud Republican.” Candidates in the non-partisan races are not supposed to discuss their party registration.

Just one problem. Mendelson wasn’t in Plantation. Also, Mendelson doesn’t discuss politics with voters. The Mendelson campaign repeatedly states this race is not about partisan politics.

REDBROWARD obtained a video of a Broward voter asking Mendelson supporters about his party affiliation. “I don’t vote for Republicans,” the voter said. The supporters included Ray and Johanna Feis, the younger siblings of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas hero Aaron Feis.

They repeatedly tell the Davie voter that the race is non-partisan.

In a final desperate maneuver, a Laurie Rich Levinson supporter approaches the trio to tell her Mendelson is a Republican. The supporter was identified as Daniel Levinson, the son of Laurie Rich Levinson.

Laurie Rich Levinson Begs For Partisan Help In Late Night Plea To Local Democrats

This video doesn’t exist
Since early voting started last Saturday, Laurie Rich Levinson and her Broward Teachers Union (BTU) supporters have desperately tried to make the School Board District 6 race into a partisan contest. Levinson and the BTU begged voters to cast ballots based on partisan issues like guns and union support. Her opponent, Richard Mendelson and his supporters have constantly told voters that school safety and protecting our children is not a partisan issue. Last night, Mendelson released a campaign video driving home the point.

A majority of early voters seem to buy Mendelson’s non-partisan pro-safety argument. For this reason, the Levinson campaign has grown increasingly desperate. Levinson’s husband Neil Levinson screamed in the face of Coach Aaron Feis’ sister while a BTU leader laughed when Feis’ family discussed his ultimate sacrifice protecting students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Even though the Levinson camp has been aggressive, they have repeatedly call local police to the voting sites in Weston and Davie.

Levinson and her team have been rattled by Mendelson supporters who lost family on February 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School telling voters to support Mendelson.

The Levinson campaign is so desperate for support, Laurie Rich Levinson sent a 2am email begging for help. The email was shared with a who’s who of Democrats, including office holders and party leaders.

The email was even shared with Laurie Rich Levinson’s mother, Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich.

Here’s the email:

From: electlaurierichlevinson@gmail.com

To: electlaurierichlevinson@gmail.com

Sent: 8/24/2018 1:51:47 AM Eastern Standard Time

Subject: Election Day Volunteering for Laurie Rich Levinson Campaign

Election Day is Tuesday, August 28th! The voting hours are 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

To continue fighting to enhance our children’s education, I need volunteers to help me at the polls on Election Day!

My opponent is bringing people in from outside the district to attack my record and misinform voters.

I need your help to fight back and ensure that voters know what I have achieved for our students on the School Board.

Election Day polling locations in my district are in Weston, Davie, Cooper City, Plantation, and Sunrise.

I remain committed to making Broward’s public schools among the best anywhere. And with your support and volunteer hours, I’ll continue to do just that!

Thank you for all your help,