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Broward Early Voting Day One

Toured early voting locations in Lauderhill, Plantation, Sunrise and Tamarac on Monday. Very few volunteers and even fewer voters.

Elberg Mike Gelin Tells Kings Point Residents That Tamarac Suffers Because City Filled With Too Many Senior Citizens(!)

Elberg Mike Gelin debates Mayor Michelle Gomez at Kings Point.
Oh Gelberg!

Elberg Mike Gelin made a bold, if incredibly dumb, choice at Tuesday’s mayoral debate in Tamarac, Florida. Gelin and the very popular incumbent Mayor Michelle Gomez attended the debate hosted by political clubs at the Kings Point retirement community. The cabaret theater was filled with several hundred senior citizens.

So what did Elberg Mike Gelin say?

Gelin complained that his city could never compete with neighboring cities like Coral Springs and Sunrise because Tamarac is home to too many senior citizens.

Gelin said Tamarac faced a “demographic” challenge when trying to attract new developments and businesses since seniors did not have “disposable incomes.” Gelin said Kings Point residents had passed their “peak” income earning potential. He said businesses desired the younger demographics of Coral Springs, Plantation and Sunrise.

The tone-deaf Gelin did not recognize the stunned silence permeating the audience.

When he wasn’t talking about their ages and incomes, Gelin was calling some of the senior citizens liars.

During the “open mic“ question period, members of the audience were allowed to ask questions.

When one gentlemen asked about Gelin about his behavior in front of military veterans at a recent event, he said the man was lying.

When another resident asked about three costly agenda items, Gelin said the man just told three lies.

Exhibiting an arrogant and condescending attitude is nothing new from the Tamarac vice mayor. Gelin and his commission crony Marlon Bolton ooze an unearned arrogance rarely seen in local politics.

It’s clear Gelin doesn’t know the history of western Broward County. Cities like Tamarac, Sunrise, Plantation and Lauderhill grew and thrived thanks to senior citizens relocating to the Sunshine State. A large senior population usually guarantees the best stores and restaurants around. Perhaps Gelin is unfamiliar with Boca Raton?

Lauderhill and Tamarac were once home to the high-end shopping and dining now found in Boca. Seniors escaped to Boca following the mismanagement Broward cities by Gelin’s cronies and ideological allies.

Gelin probably never heard of John Lomelo or Jackie Gleason.

So, instead of asking why things changed, Gelin wants to blame senior citizens for Tamarac’s “geographic and demographic” problems.

Sorry Gelberg. Tamarac’s voters won’t buy that malarkey.

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