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REAL SHOCKER: A Broward Politician NOT Under Investigation!!!

The Sun-Sentinel reports local corruption investigators took “unusual step” to announce Broward County Commissioner John Rodstorm was NOT under investigation.

“Prosecutors often won’t confirm or deny who is or isn’t under investigation for tactical, ethical or other reasons, but Assistant State Attorney Jeannette Camacho said Sunday that her office has no pending investigation of Rodstrom.”

Last week, reports surfaced that Bev “Moneybag” Stracher mentioned Rodstrom as a politician connected to the Chaits.  Rodstrom vehmently denied any accusation.

“‘I think Stracher threw my name out there because we’re political opponents, some would even say enemies,’ he said. ‘It is completely unfair, because I cannot be bought and I have never taken anything from anyone. I pay for everything I do — you can’t even buy me lunch,’ Rodstrom said.”

Hmmm, is it possible Stracher was telling tall tales to punish enemies and protect friends? More importantly, are the investigators double-checking the veracity of Stracher’s stories?

Perhaps, "Who" is a better question

Another Piece in Broward Corruption Puzzle?

You should ignore the bluster and bravado coming from Broward Democrats. Despite claims of “media hype”, “witch hunts” and “guilt by association”, Democrats are scared.  Insiders are cooperating with the guys with badges and subpoenas. “Loyal” friends are dishing dirt on friends. Many are racing for immunity to save their own skins.

The Sun-Sentinel reports former Tamarac Community Development Director Chris King admitted to taking bribes from the Chaits.

King, 48, of Palm Beach Gardens, said in a sworn statement that Chait gave him envelopes containing cash on two occasions — over lunch — while King was overseeing and reviewing the massive proposed housing project for the city. He said he took a total of between $1,000 and $2,000 from Chait, money King told the investigators he spent on groceries and other living expenses. King approved the project and recommended it to the commission, several city boards and at community presentations, City Manager Mike Cernech said in an interview Friday.

You remember the Chaits? Their dubious business practices have unraveled the careers of some of Broward’s biggest political giants–Stephanie Kraft, Mitch Kraft, Bev Stracher , Beth Talabisco, Patti Atkins-Grad.

What is the deal with these “community development” organizations? Vincente “Oral Competiton” Thrower was working for a similar outift in North Broward. He got “money” from Habitat For Humanity.  On Friday, The Broward The Broward New Times Juice Blog reported Eric Crush, Habitat’s Director stepped down for reasons “TOTALLY UNRELATED” to the group’s ties to Thrower and fellow corrupt-ocrat Cindi Hutchinson; Thrower and Hutchinson were “paid consultants” for Habitat For Humanity. Hutchinson, former Vice Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, was arrested earlier this year for making naughty deals with another home developer. ( Hello McFly!)

Crush told The Juice:

He says both Hutchinson and Thrower were on retainer as consultants and represented Habitat interests among local government. Hutchinson was brought on, Crush says, because of her connection with the Broward League of Cities, and Thrower was beneficial because of his reputation as a Pompano Beach activist. Crush says his resignation has ‘absolutely nothing to do’ with the recent arrests. Crush, who’s a lawyer, will work full time for a law firm with his wife. ‘It’s time for a change in my life,’ he said.

A high level source tells RED BROWARD the connection between Crush and Hutchinson is much closer than her Broward League of Cities resume. (FYI, Steve Feren is former President of Broward League Of Cities)

The source says the connection was instrumental in helping Hutchinson land her position at the Riverwalk Trust. Crush has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Last, but not least, we come to Sylvia Poitier. The suspended Deerfield Beach commissioner was charged with five misdemeanors this week. Some reports liken Poitier’s misdeeds to clerical errors. Check out the arrest affidavit Poitier came to her brother with the scheme to pay taxes on homes owned by the Westside Deerfield Housing Authority. Yep, the WDBA is involved in housing and community redevelopment. Sylvia Poitier’s daughter, Felicia Poitier is the President of the WDBA.  Dan Poitier, the executive director of the  WDBA is a cousin of Poitier’s ex-husband. Clerical errors?

Reports of Judge Feren being investigated by federal authorities coupled with Diana Wasserman Rubin’s husband charged with tax evasion confirms the IRS is in town. Those guys love to “follow the money.”

RED BROWARD continues to hear reports of Tallahassee being ready to make moves in Broward. Some School Board members are said to be paralyzed with fear.

We will wait for confirmation from Mitch Ceasar, but it’s a pretty good bet that NONE of these folks are Republicans.

Perhaps, this time, somebody will do something…

Stop The Machine

The Broward Way…

Did we miss the memo? Is fighting corruption a right/left thing? Ever wonder where the money went? Ever wonder why kids are graduating? Ever wonder why schools are falling apart? Ever wonder why the well-connected get cushy jobs? Ever wonder why the media won’t connect the dots?

Why did the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel report Sylvia Poitier was charged with “misconduct”? Did she talk during naptime? Did she bring beer into the sorority house?

Remember Vicente Thrower? He’s from Deerfield too. Judge Feren made the news today. Now, Diana Wasserman Rubin (previously charged) has to hear her hubby  is facing tax evasion charges. Rubin was a lobbyist for lots of Broward cities, while his old lady was Broward County Commissioner.

A sitting School Board member is being investigated for assaulting his opponent. Another School Board member spews racist filth without punishment.

Another Broward County employee is telling tales to the authorities about her role in the Chait mess.

Had enough yet? Rumors abound that Florida Governor Rick Scott has had enough.

Somebody do something!

What are you prepared to do?