POLL THIS! Pick Your Favorite FLSEN Candidate

Last week, a Quinnipiac poll showed Florida voters still undecided as to who has their support in the race to send Bill Nelson (D-Out Of Touch) into retirement. Here’s your chance to have your voice heard.

“It’s About Who Controls The Information”

“What we see and hear…how we work…what we think…it’s all about the information.”

POLL THIS: Quinnipiac FL Poll Shows Obama Tanking, McCalister Leading, Hasner Last

Qunnipiac released a new poll showing some surprising numbers in Florida. First the not-so-surprising stuff: President Obama got no bump from the debt deal mess. His disapproval numbers are growing in Florida. Independents are abandoning the President big time. “’President Barack Obama’s numbers in the key swing state of Florida have gone south in the …