UPDATE–Rumor Debunked: Jared Moskowitz Running For State House, No Interest In School Board

Jared Moskowitz contacted RED BROWARD to shoot down this rumor. Mr. Moskowitz stated, “nothing could be further from the truth.” He said he has “never wavered” from his decision to run for the Florida State House Of Representatives.”I am running for state rep and that has never changed!” Even though we heard about this rumor […]

How Do We Stop Broward Corruption?

Spread the word. We have a weapon they fear the most–our vote. Stand up to these bullies and watch them run away.

“Screw The Bills” And “Squish The Fish”

Remember those epic AFC East battles back the 1990s? The Miami Dolphins, lead by Dan Marino and Don Shula, would take on Marv Levy and his Buffalo Bills. We knew Marino would score points against Corneilius Bennett and Daryl Talley; We just held our collective breath when Jim Kelly handed the ball to Thurman Thomas. […]