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Candidate Marie Martin Isn’t Telling Voters She’s Running For Broward School Board Seat Currently Held By Mother

Marie Murray Martin and mom Ann Murray
Marie Murray Martin

***UPDATED BELOW with response from Marie Murray Martin***

In a social blitz last week, Marie Murray Martin announced her candidacy for the District 1 seat on the Broward County School Board. The District 1 seat is currently occupied by Ann Murray who is not seeking re-election next year. In a Youtube video, Ms. Martin discusses her background as an education reporter and a Broward school teacher. But she leaves one important detail off her resume. Marie Murray Martin is the daughter of Ann Murray.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin website.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin Facebook page.

No mention of Ann Murray at all on either website.

REDBROWARD asked Marie Murray Martin if she was hiding her famous mom from Broward voters.

Martin wrote:

In response to your question, in the past several weeks, I have been to several public events with my mother and we’ve been very transparent about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. On Memorial Day weekend, we met with constituents at Montella Park and told them about my announcement and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. Again, we recently attended The Latino Vote Forum and the MSA graduation and announced my candidacy and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. When I put my press release tab on my website, more will be posted about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. I filed on May 14, 2021 and my website went up on June 2, 2021. So we are still working on my bio, platform and other tabs for the website.

School Board Member Rosalind Osgood’s Sister Set To Lead School With “Racist” Name?

Dr. Rosalind Osgood

This will be a big week for School Board Member Rosalind Osgood. On Tuesday, she will discuss with her fellow School Board Members whether they should rename schools with the word “Plantation” in their titles. Dr. Osgood believes Plantation has racist connotations. On Wednesday, her sister officially takes over as the principal at Plantation Park Elementary School.

Last week, Osgood told the Sun-Sentinel, “she’s open to reviewing any school names that have ‘any racial undertones or any type of connotation that causes hurt for a group of people.’”

While she officially becomes principal on July 1st, Dr. Ingrid Osgood is no stranger to Plantation Park Elementary having served there as an intern principal. In her message to parents, Dr. Ingrid Osgood stated home happy she was to be “returning home.” Does that sound like the sentiment of someone filled with “hurt?”

Just imagine all the questions Dr. Ingrid Osgood will be fielding thanks to her sister’s idea to change names of schools. Wait until parents hear about Dr. Rosalind Osgood’s defense of fellow Board Member Ann Murray’s use of racial slurs and “white privilege” memes? Will parents remain silent like Board Members Robin Bartleman and Donna Korn and former Board Member Jennifer Gottlieb?

Stay tuned…

Here’s Dr Ingrid Osgood’s address to the Plantation Park Community:

As you may already know, I was appointed by the School Board of Broward County to be the new principal at Plantation Park Elementary. I am happy to be “returning home” to work with our amazing students, parents, faculty/staff, community members, and education partners once again!
While I do not officially begin my tenure as principal until July 1st, I did not want to wait that long to introduce/re-introduce myself to you and to “see” you all. I know that change in leadership can sometimes be stressful and I want to reassure you that we will continue to build on the great relationships we formed when I first arrived at our school almost 4 years ago. I remain steadfast in my commitment to ensure all students receive a high quality education in a safe, secure, supportive, and nurturing learning environment.
I am scheduling 2 “Getting to Know You” meetings that you have the option to attend. The meetings will be accessible through the MS TEAMS Meeting link provided in your email and will begin at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24th. I am offering 2 different times, hoping that you will find it possible to attend either one of the meetings based on your schedule that day.
I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday! ~ Dr. Osgood

Silencing Critics & Secrecy Not New At Broward School Board

Just a quick refresher course on Broward School Board history before Governor Ron DeSantis makes a “major announcement” this afternoon. Secrecy and silencing critics is nothing new at the District. Here’s a tidbit from the 2011 Grand Jury report (pre-Runcie):

Silencing Critics by Threats
“Around the same time we became aware of another published report concerning an attack on a person using the Facebook identity of Broward Cleansweep. This person has been highly critical of the Board and its operations and has called for the ouster of virtually all incumbent Board members. An anonymous poster, believing Broward Cleansweep to be a District employee (and married to another District employee) threatened to use his connections at the District or Board to have both of them fired and or prosecuted if he did not immediately take down the Facebook page and stop his attacks on the Board. Ultimately the poster concluded Broward Cleansweep was not who he believed and abandoned his attacks. This extortionate attempt to silence political criticism is poison in any democratic society. The attack would be reprehensible coming from any quarter. For it to come from a Broward political consultant who has worked for numerous local political candidates, including school board members, is even more disturbing. Worst of all, the poster who attempted to silence Broward Cleansweep has previously served, and presently does serve on District advisory council(s). Based on the testimony we heard, at least one Board member is aware of what took place, yet so far as we know, no action has been taken to ask this person to voluntarily resign, disclose his actions to the rest of the Board, or otherwise disassociate from him. So far as we know, no one at the Board has even asked a single question about this incident, nor expressed any desire to determine who might be attacking a District employee for exercising his rights.”

pages 40 and 41

More to come…