LIVE! Broward School Board Debate Broadcast Monday: Marie Murray Martin And Rod Velez

Marie Murray Martin vs Rod Velez

Have your voice heard this Monday when True Broward hosts a Broward School Board District 1 debate with candidates Marie Murray Martin and Rod Velez. The debate will be moderated by REDBROWARD and local attorney Mike Ahearn.

Submit your questions below or call the show (515) 602-9613.

The show will be broadcast live Monday September 5th at 7PM on

Click here to listen.

2 thoughts on “LIVE! Broward School Board Debate Broadcast Monday: Marie Murray Martin And Rod Velez

  1. Hope

    Questions to Anna, President of the teacher’s union:
    1) Why would you knowingly endorse a felon (Charged and sentenced with an Assult and Battery with a deadly weapon)?

    2) Why would you endorse a convicted felon, using teacher’s union funds to pay for campaigning against a teacher that has an impeccable background and the experience as a teacher, including being well versed on the issues at hand?

    3)what have you accomplished in securing an acceptable raise for the teacher’s salaries? Have you fought for the teaches rights and what have you accomplished for the teacher’s union?

    4) Why should the teachers put their trust in you in the future, if you are using such poor judgment by endorsing a candidate that you knew beat a peson over the head with a semi automatic weapon. The teacher’s union should be setting high standards and this endorsement was totally improper.


  2. Lisa J

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics and Economic Policy Institute reports Teacher wages today are stuck in the 1990’s. A public school teachers average weekly wage is $29 more than in 1996 and the gap increases to $661 for non-teachers. How can wages be increased for teachers? Can we get more resources to address math and literacy deficiencies? Can we open campuses and increase instructional time? Do you think the teacher’s Union would be open to that idea? Can student teachers currently studying education be used in the classroom to aid teacher and substitute shortages? What is your take on banning books? How do you feel about the Governor’s Parent Rights in education? Have you heard of Mastery Based learning? Is this objective doable in Broward? Is it possible to allow students to absorb the material presented instead of moving ahead with the next assignment or lesson?



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