Candidate Marie Martin Isn’t Telling Voters She’s Running For Broward School Board Seat Currently Held By Mother

Marie Murray Martin and mom Ann Murray
Marie Murray Martin

***UPDATED BELOW with response from Marie Murray Martin***

In a social blitz last week, Marie Murray Martin announced her candidacy for the District 1 seat on the Broward County School Board. The District 1 seat is currently occupied by Ann Murray who is not seeking re-election next year. In a Youtube video, Ms. Martin discusses her background as an education reporter and a Broward school teacher. But she leaves one important detail off her resume. Marie Murray Martin is the daughter of Ann Murray.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin website.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin Facebook page.

No mention of Ann Murray at all on either website.

REDBROWARD asked Marie Murray Martin if she was hiding her famous mom from Broward voters.

Martin wrote:

In response to your question, in the past several weeks, I have been to several public events with my mother and we’ve been very transparent about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. On Memorial Day weekend, we met with constituents at Montella Park and told them about my announcement and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. Again, we recently attended The Latino Vote Forum and the MSA graduation and announced my candidacy and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. When I put my press release tab on my website, more will be posted about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. I filed on May 14, 2021 and my website went up on June 2, 2021. So we are still working on my bio, platform and other tabs for the website.

Broward Commissioner Lieberman Admits Talking To Marty Kiar About Redistricting Just Before Vote


After saying you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers, Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman(D-Mangoes) admitted to speaking with State Representative Martin Kiar just hours before a key vote on redistricting.

As RED BROWARD reported in January, Kiar signed in to meet with Commissioner Lieberman. He wrote the purpose of the meeting was “redistricting”. This meeting occurred just hours before the Commission approved a redistricting map.

The map was not displayed for the public. The map was altered on the dais. The map carved one single Davie precinct into District One. State Representative Kiar lives in that Davie precinct. Shortly thereafter, Kiar abdanoned his Florida State Senate bid in order to run for the Broward County Commission.

Today from the dais, Lieberman said she met with Kiar regarding other important issues. She was quick to say there was no lobbying involved. She admitted to talking with Kiar about redistricting but “only for 30 seconds” and she “didn’t vote for map anyway”.

Um, she didn’t say what exactly tey talked about for that 30 seconds.

Thirty seconds is an eternity in Broward County.

Marty Kiar On “Fair Districts” and Gerrymandering

The Orlando Sentinel talked to State Rep. Martin Kiar back in November about maps and redistricting:

“[Nan] Rich called it a ‘gerrymandered seat,’ saying it would have a better chance of electing a Republican than the current district.

‘Nobody went to the town-hall meeting and asked for a south and central Broward County to be linked with a majority Palm Beach County district,’ said Rich, who is term-limited next year.

Rep. Marty Kiar, D-Davie, who intends to run for Rich’s seat, said he doesn’t think the map would pass constitutional muster because of the Fair Districts prohibitions against intentionally favoring political parties and incumbents.

‘It almost looks like every incumbent is protected, and I just don’t know if that’s permitted under the new amendments,’ he said.

Kiar said regardless of what the map looked like, he still intended to run for a Senate seat that represented Broward County.

‘The Broward section of that district still has 150,00 folks there, and it’s something I’m still going to run for, regardless of what the maps ultimately looks like,’ he said.”

Senator Rich makes a good point; Did anyone show up asking for that tiny part of Davie to be included in Broward County Commission District One?,0,5685712.story?page=2