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Rod Velez Directs Vulgar Taunt At Governor Ron DeSantis

“Who has the balls to take on the Governor?”

Rod Velez

Rod Velez hoped a sham swearing ceremony in front of television cameras and other School Board Members would keep Governor Ron DeSantis from appointing someone to the Broward School Board District 1 seat. Those hopes were dashed Thursday morning when REDBROWARD broke the news that Governor DeSantis had declared a vacancy and appointed Daniel Foganholi to the District 1 seat. The word spread like wildfire at the Broward School Board headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.

Velez, a convicted felon, never restored his right to hold public office. Even though he won the November election, Velez was ineligible to hold a seat on the Broward School Board. As REDBROWARD previously reported, Velez did not take the oath of office in November after a meeting with Florida Department Of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents. Velez was told taking the oath would constitute an act of perjury.

Even though his right to hold office was not restored, Velez planned on taking some sort of oath on Thursday. Velez invited television and newspaper reporters to his 11AM ceremony. A high level source told REDBROWARD that sitting School Board Members were invited to the ceremony. But at 10:15AM REDBROWARD revealed Governor Ron DeSantis had declared the District 1 seat vacant.

After giving an incoherent statement to remaining members of the media, Rod Velez decided to be an online tough guy. Velez skipped all talk of discussing possible lawsuits with his team. Instead, Velez tried some vulgar machismo.

On Facebook, Rod Velez wrote, “Who had the balls to take on the Governor?” After a several comments were made, Rod Velez deleted the post.

Perhaps his legal team informed him that taunting the Governor was not a good strategy?

Perhaps his closest advisor, Barbara Miller, disapproved of his language?

In the end, it is just another example of why Rod Velez was the wrong choice for the Broward School Board.

Rod Velez is a Facebook tough guy.

BREAKING: Governor Ron DeSantis Appoints Daniel Foganholi To Broward School Board

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed Daniel Foganholi to fill the District 1 vacancy on the Broward School Board. Until recently, Foganholi served as the appointed District 5 member.