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Mailers Focus On Legal Woes Of Fort Lauderdale Commission Candidates

Just in time for Halloween, Fort Lauderdale voters received mailers targeting the legal woes of City Commission candidates. Two mailers referenced three of the candidates for the District 4 seat currently occupied by Ben Sorensen. A mail piece from the “Voter Information Network” details run-ins with police by Jackie Scott and Kevin Cochrane.

Dubbed, “Fort Lauderdale Can’t Afford To Double Down,” the mailer recounts Jackie Scott’s run-in with Fort Lauderdale Police over a stolen campaign sign. In August, REDBROWARD broke the story how a high-tech tracking device helped Fort Lauderdale Police locate a stolen campaign sign on Wednesday. After numerous signs went missing, Fort Lauderdale Commission candidate Mike Lambrechts embedded Apple Air Tag devices in a batch of yard signs. When one went missing this week, the Air Tag lead police to the Colee Hammock home of Lambrechts’ opponent Jacquelyn “Jackie” Scott.

Lambrechts’ yard sign was located inside Scott’s green vehicle.

Ms. Scott told Fort Lauderdale Police officers she had permission to remove the sign. Lambrechts had a signed affidavit proving Scott did not have permission.

Even though the story made international headlines, Jackie Scott refused to drop out of the race.

The same mailer recounts the arrest of candidate Kevin Cochrane on drunk driving/DUI charges. Cochrane was arrested in California fifteen years ago on DUI charges. The mail piece claims Cochrane was driving more than 100mph with a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit.

According to court records, Cochrane plead guilty to two DUI charges and received a sentence of three years probation.

While the DUI case was from 2007, the mailer features a recent photograph of Cochrane chugging a beer while wearing his campaign t-shirt.

Before the notoriously thin-skinned Team Cochrane starts whining about being a victim, take note of a mailer attacking District 4 candidate Warren Sturman.

The mail piece was produced by the Kevin Cochrane campaign.

Cochrane claims Sturman lied when he denied being a party to any court cases in a Sun-Sentinel interview. According to the mailer, Sturman was a party to seven court cases.

Perhaps Sturman, a Fort Lauderdale cardiologist, is too busy to remember court cases? Some political insiders believe Sturman’s medical practice would keep him from devoting time to the commission.

Fort Lauderdale voters will have the final say next month.

Jackie Scott

Fort Lauderdale City Commission Candidate Michael “The Knife” Ferber Vows To Cut Size Of Government

photo courtesy of Sun Sentinel. Ferber in center

Michael Ferber, GOP (ahem) non-partisan candidate for Fort Lauderdale City Commission District 2, has a big Libertarian streak. He showed up to a debate and vowed to cut government so much that people would call him Mike “The Knife” Ferber.

Tim Smith has the lowdown in his blog:

 “Ferber is an unapologetic, rabid, Libertarian. He started by saying that he knew their area well ( living in the next neighborhood over), had served on many City advisory Boards, but was probably not going to say many things the audience wanted to hear!

He was right!

He said he came without any ‘meaningless platitudes’ .

He said that ‘there was no Santa Claus’. He said he wasn’t running to ‘make government more responsive’, but to reduce the size, cut-back, have government ‘abandon many of the things it was currently doing’.

He continued – they’ll be calling me ‘Mike the Knife’. He said he would ‘eliminate the Economic Development Department’.  He said he wouldn’t govern by ‘lynch mob politics’.

He finished by saying he would ‘go to Def Com III in efforts to reduce the size of the City Government.'”

Ferber’s opponent, Broward Democrat Charlotte Rodstrom did not attend the event. She had better things to do; According to Smith, Rodstrom told debate organizers her husband John Rodstrom (Broward county commissioner) was taking her on a trip. Really? Just days before an election? Guess she figures she has it all wrapped up. Prove her wrong.