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Will Democrat Dean Trantalis Turn Fort Lauderdale Into Liberal Sanctuary City

Even though the Mayor’s race is non-partisan, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis has been waving the progressive/Democrat flag for months. While blasting local businesses and developers, Trantalis welcomed the support of controversial Broward Democrat politicians like County Commission Dale Holness and the impeached Federal Judge Alcee Hastings.

REDBROWARD exposed Dean Trantalis’ payments to members of Team Dale Holness including the police-bashing School Board Candidate Elijah Manley. In the latest campaign reports, the Trantalis campaign paid hundreds of dollars to Damara Holness, daughter of Dale Holness and Alcee Hastings II.

In January, Dean Trantalis held a fundraiser at Dale Holness’ real estate office. Last month, Hastings, the Florida Democratic Party Chair aand other progressive Democrats held a fundraiser at Lori Parrish’s home.

Very few, if any, of these politicians live in Fort Lauderdale. So why are they eager to make Dean Trantalis the next mayor?

Clearly, Dean Trantalis loves playing politics. Several years ago, Trantalis called for a homeless town hall. The audience was packed with many of the activists REDBROWARD exposed as performance artists and professional agitators.

Trantalis got the crowds and the media attention, but did he get any results? Anyone who visits downtown Fort Lauderdale can see the homeless issue remains.

In January, REDBROWARD exposed how Trantalis supporters planned a gun show protest merely to give the Commissioner a chance to grandstand on the issue. Now, Trantalis used a photograph of a Parkland rally in a campaign issue.

In December, REDBROWARD exposed Trantalis’ failed attempt to use the city infrastructure issues to promote his views on climate change. Using bogus claims prepared by his aide, Trantalis tried tie algae blooms to sewage issues. When the rest of the Commission countered his arguments with facts, Trantalis sheepishly blamed his aide and said he just wanted to raise the issue.

With Dean Trantalis, it’s always politics over leadership.

If Trantalis wins the election on Tuesday, Fort Lauderdale residents can expect the usual commission meeting marathons. But instead of sewers and potholes and cutting fees and promoting business, the meetings will become the political sideshow found throughout the country.

Action will be replaced by community town halls. Expect political tirades over minimum wages, immigration policy, social issues, guns and climate change. Activists and politicians who supported Trantalis will expect to have their issues heard. They will use the City as a launch pad for their progressive 2020 election agenda.

Politics over leadership.

Mayor Jack Seiler, a Democrat, rarely played politics. The City Of Fort Lauderdale and her residents came first.

Now, the liberals want to grab the bully pulpit that comes with the title of Mayor Of Fort Lauderdale.

Even worse, some Republican “consultants” have been volunteers on the Trantalis campaign. What did they ask for in return?

How many Republicans and independent Trump voters will be fooled into voting for the liberal Dean Trantalis with the help of these GOP consultants?

What happens when development is halted and infrastructure remains in tatters because the new Mayor and his allies play politics at City Hall? Will residents be forced to paying higher taxes for reduced services? Will police and first responders pay a price for not supporting Dean Trantalis?

Fort Lauderdale doesn’t need politics as usual. Fort Lauderdale voters deserve real leadership.

Honoring The Fallen Officers Of The Fort Lauderdale Police Department

On a cloudy Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Jack Seiler and other city leaders gathered at the Esplanade Park police memorial to honor the fallen officers of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. First responders from the FLPD and the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department paid tribute to twelve fallen officers killed in the line of duty. 

The fallen officers are: 

R. Dwight Johnston

Donald E. Kirby, Jr.

D. Walter Ilyankoff

Gregory J. Conners

John C. Alexander

Kenneth Petersen

Charles E. Bruce

Frank A. Mastrangelo

Norman Eddy

David L. Brower

Bryant H. Peney 

Jose A. Diaz

May they all Rest In Peace.