Rise And Prove Them Wrong

They’re using the same old game plan. Glossy mailers touting endorsements fill your mailbox. Robocalls urge super voters to overlook corrupt deals and immunized testimony. Ads fill local papers catering to diverse communities as if the politician actually cares about that diverse community. They are trying to fool us all over again. They think you’re […]

The Man Who Would Be Broward Democrat Chair Makes Hilarious Endorsements

Progressive Democrats all over Broward still lament fact that Randy Fleischer couldn’t unseat DEC Chair Mitch Ceasar (D-Comedian). After reading his endorsement list Fleischer would have been the Broward GOP’s biggest friend. Randy says vote for Ilene Lieberman (D-Meow) because she “served on County Commission for decades!” Wow, what a rallying cry. Fleischer says, “JULIO […]