Let’s Hope Chris Mancini Saved His Receipt

Chris Mancini, staunch defender of Josephus Eggelletion, wins the “Mark Gendal Award” for worst campaign sign. It’s too wordy. The website address is laughable. You have to walk up to it to read it. Chris, this is the type of sign used when someone does NOT want the candidate to win! Maybe your campaign guru […]

Is Judy Stern Teaching Other Broward Insiders About The Meaning Of Loyalty?

Letters. We get Letters. Judy Stern, uber-lobbyist and salami sandwich doyenne, apparently sent an email to Broward insiders touting “loyalty” to her Broward county commission candidate Tim Ryan. Stern wrote “[Tim Ryan] is looking for contributions to wrap up the end of this opportunity, and as an experienced former legislator, he understands the loyalty of […]

Rise And Prove Them Wrong

They’re using the same old game plan. Glossy mailers touting endorsements fill your mailbox. Robocalls urge super voters to overlook corrupt deals and immunized testimony. Ads fill local papers catering to diverse communities as if the politician actually cares about that diverse community. They are trying to fool us all over again. They think you’re […]