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RETURN OF HAPPY FEET: Radical Florida House Candidate Elijah Manley Hired Company With Deep Ties To Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton

Elijah Manley with Dale Holness (on right).

Radical Florida State House candidate Elijah Manley paid nearly $3,000 to a company tied to controversial Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton, records show. In December, Manley, a Democrat seeking the State House District 94 seat, made two payments to Happy Feet Advertising LLC. REDBROWARD previously revealed the Margate company is operated by a close ally of Bolton.

According to State corporate records, Happy Feet Advertising LLC is owned by Trace N. Robinson. While the business paperwork shows a Margate address, the mailing address for Happy Feet Advertising is listed as P.O. Box 451711 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33345.

State records also show businesses owned by Marlon Bolton use the same post office box.

Florida business records show the post office box address used by Happy Feet Advertising has been used by Marlon Bolton since at least 2014. These businesses include Tyson Bolton and Associates, Forecast Holdings, LLC, Prophet Fire, and Win Without War. These same records show Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson are business partners.

Records list Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson as owners of The Driven Project, Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church, and South Florida Theological Seminary, Inc. The companies also use the same post office box.

In 2020, Trace Robinson created the Broward Vision PAC political committee. The address for the PAC is the same post office box used by Bolton.

State of Florida campaign records show Broward Vision PAC paid $1,400 to Exy Consultants, a corporation created under the Happy Feet Advertising LLC name by Robinson. Exy Consultants used the same P.O. Box 451711 address as Marlon Bolton.

According to Tamarac campaign reports, Commissioner Marlon Bolton provided Happy Feet Advertising with its biggest payday. Reports show Bolton paid nearly $14,000 to Happy Feet Advertising during the 2020 election cycle.

Commissioner Marlon Bolton refused to answer questions regarding his close ties to Happy Feet Advertising, LLC and its work for numerous Broward politicians and committees.

In April 2021, REDBROWARD exposed the roles Bolton and Happy Feet Advertising played in the election of North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin. Campaign records show Happy Feet Advertising, LLC performed extensive campaign work for the newly-elected Martin. Campaign treasurer reports show Martin paid $14,750 to Happy Feet during the 2020 election cycle.

Last March, REDBROWARD asked Marlon Bolton about his ties to Happy Feet, Trace Robinson and fake news website The Tamarac Post.

We asked Bolton if he had any financial interest in Happy Feet. We asked Bolton if he played any role in political campaign which hired Happy Feet.

Marlon Bolton refused to issue any comment or denial on this facts.

In a text message, Bolton wrote, “Oh! Go ahead write away…Sir, whatever you want to write, you can…”


Now, campaign records show Elijah Manley paid Happy Feet Advertising LLC for “monetary” work on his State House race. On December 19, 2021, Manley paid $1,200 to Happy Feet Advertising LLC. On December 30, 2021 Manley gave $1,600 to Happy Feet Advertising LLC.

Days later, Elijah Manley blasted opponents for calling him a “puppet” of former Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. Manley, a former Holness aide, hired a company tied to Holness ally Marlon Bolton and he does not want people to notice?

image posted by Elijah Manley on Facebook

The radical Manley is no stranger to controversy.

In 2018, REDBROWARD exposed Elijah Manley’s run for President of The United States as a a socialist party candidate. In 2015, published reports documented Elijah Manley’s trip to the Socialist Party convention in Wisconsin. Manley told the New Times, “He identifies as an independent but says if he had to label his political leanings, he’d call himself a Democratic socialist. He’s one of seven candidates slated to speak and debate at Socialist Party USA’s national convention in Milwaukee….”

REDBROWARD exposed Manley’s radical views on Israel, North Korea and law enforcement. Manley posted “ Fuck the police” on his social media accounts.

REDBROWARD revealed Elijah Manley role as a member of Team Dale Holness. In addition to working for Holness’ 2016 re-election campaign, Elijah Manley employed Dale Holness’ daughter Damara Holness as his campaign manager when he ran for the Broward County School Board. Dale Holness endorsed Manley’s school board campaign.

All residents in State House District 94, regardless of party affiliation, can vote on January 11, 2022. Elijah Manley is running against fellow Democrats Daryl Campbell, Josephus Eggelletion III, and Roderick Kemp.

Is Judy Stern Teaching Other Broward Insiders About The Meaning Of Loyalty?

Letters. We get Letters. Judy Stern, uber-lobbyist and salami sandwich doyenne, apparently sent an email to Broward insiders touting “loyalty” to her Broward county commission candidate Tim Ryan. Stern wrote “[Tim Ryan] is looking for contributions to wrap up the end of this opportunity, and as an experienced former legislator, he understands the loyalty of those who step to the plate in the beginning versus those who may wait until after election day in August for his November election cycle.” (emphasis mine)

Loyalty? Really?

Isn’t this the same Judy Stern that dumped long-time friend Charlotte Rodstrom by backing Evan Jenne? Stern was a late-comer to the Ryan campaign joining after Jenne dropped out of the race.

A trusted source says at least one Broward county lobbyist received the email.

Perhaps Mr. Ryan should tell us which lobbyists received the email.

Better yet, Mr. Ryan needs to explain the “loyalty” you get by “stepping up to the plate” in August instead of November.

Also, is Judy Stern sending similar “loyalty” letters on behalf of her other favored candidates?

Shouldn’t someone ask Ilene Liberman (D-Mango) and Julio Gonzalez?

Read the full email for yourself:

“From: “Judith Stern” <jstern@sterncnslt.com>
Date: July XX, 2012
Subject: Tim Ryan

Tim is the only candidate who has been actually walking and talking with the constituents in the County Commission Race District 7.  Most of you already know Tim as either the State Representative who served with Jack Seiler, or as legal counsel in either Dania Beach or Pembroke Park.  As this is coming to a close, I certainly am comfortable in reaching out to each of you for campaign contribution for Tim Ryan, Candidate for County Commission.  His opponents are Charlotte Rodstrom and Ken Keechl.  Tim is certainly outworking each one of them and has been wisely campaigning through a well thought experienced campaign plan.  He is looking for contributions to wrap up the end of this opportunity, and as an experienced former legislator, he understands the loyalty of those who step to the plate in the beginning versus those who may wait until after election day in August for his November election cycle.  If anyone wants to meet with Tim, this is the week to do so, and Donna, my secretary can schedule the meeting.