David Cannady Becomes Seventh Democrat Candidate For Broward State Attorney

As expected, the retirement of Broward State Attorney Michael J. Satz opened the floodgates for Democratic candidates. On Thursday morning, David Cannady became the seventh Democrat running to replace Satz. Claiming to be the “next generation”candidate, Cannady promised to deliver “equitable justice” for Broward residents.

Other candidates for Broward State Attorney include Sarah Murphy, Jim Lewis, Joseph Kimok, Harold Pryor, Teresa Williams and Joshua Rydell.

So far, no Republican candidate has announced for the 2020 election.

Uh Oh, Mike Satz Raised Less Than $9000 Since Primary

Did you know Mike Satz was first elected as Broward State Attorney in 1976? Yep, same year as Jimmy Carter. Is Broward better off now than it was 36 years ago?

Judging by his latest financial report, the answer is no. Satz raised just $8,450. He spent nearly $7,589.49.

But, hey at least Alan Jean got $5000.

Satz faces a strong challenge from Republican Jim Lewis on November 6.


Let’s Hope Chris Mancini Saved His Receipt

Chris Mancini, staunch defender of Josephus Eggelletion, wins the “Mark Gendal Award” for worst campaign sign.

It’s too wordy. The website address is laughable. You have to walk up to it to read it.

Chris, this is the type of sign used when someone does NOT want the candidate to win! Maybe your campaign guru Judy Stern is back to sharing salami sandwiches with Mike Satz?

You should ask for a refund.

Mancini hopes to win the Democrat nomination for Broward State Attorney.
The highly ineffective Satz was first elected back in 1976 alongside Jimmy Carter!!!

The “winner” will face Republican Jim Lewis in November.