David Cannady Becomes Seventh Democrat Candidate For Broward State Attorney

https://youtu.be/r6HNj898l0k As expected, the retirement of Broward State Attorney Michael J. Satz opened the floodgates for Democratic candidates. On Thursday morning, David Cannady became the seventh Democrat running to replace Satz. Claiming to be the “next generation”candidate, Cannady promised to deliver “equitable justice” for Broward residents. Other candidates for Broward State Attorney include Sarah Murphy, […]

Sarahnell Murphy Campaign Hiding Ties To Donald Trump & Controversial Broward Lobbyist From Voters?

Sarahnell Murphy wants to replace Michael Satz as the next Broward State Attorney. When she kicked off her campaign last month, her husband Richard Merlino was quick to tell voters she was a longtime Democrat. Merlino’s social media post was more than moment of partisan pride. For weeks, Democrat insiders discussed Merlino’s numerous Facebook posts […]

DNA Test Clears Man Convicted Of 1983 Broward Murder, Results Say Serial Killer Behind Death Of Hollywood Woman

The Broward State Attorney’s Office (SAO) wants a Broward Judge to free the man it convicted of a 1983 murder case. Ronald Stewart was convicted of the 1983 murder of Hollywood resident Regina Harrison. The Broward SAO says DNA tests have identified the true perpetrator of the murder. Stewart was sentenced to fifty years. He […]