David Cannady Becomes Seventh Democrat Candidate For Broward State Attorney

https://youtu.be/r6HNj898l0k As expected, the retirement of Broward State Attorney Michael J. Satz opened the floodgates for Democratic candidates. On Thursday morning, David Cannady became the seventh Democrat running to replace Satz. Claiming to be the “next generation”candidate, Cannady promised to deliver “equitable justice” for Broward residents. Other candidates for Broward State Attorney include Sarah Murphy, […]

Broward State Atty Satz Responds To Nikolas Cruz Offer To Plead Guilty If No Death Penalty

Broward State Attorney Michael Satz has responded to an offer from accused Majory Stoneman Douglas killer Nikolas Cruz. Lawyers from the Public Defenders Office stated Cruz would plead guilty to the seventeen murder charges if the State took the death penalty off the table. In a statement, Satz said this is not the appropriate time […]

Broward “Political Pimp” Wants Taxpayers To Pay His Half-Million Dollar Legal Bill

The man dubbed Broward’s “political pimp” wants Pompano Beach taxpayers to pick up his nearly $500,000 legal tab. In March, the Pompano Beach Communinty Redevelopment Agency (CRA) filed suit against Vicente Thrower, the former vice chair of the Northwest CRA. Thrower is seeking $483,778.00 in legal fees stemming from his April 2010 arrest on bribery and […]