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SHOCKER: Stacy Ritter Endorses Abby Freedman For School Board

Some residents of Kings Point aren’t too happy that Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) jendorsed Abby Freedman (D-boo hoo) for Broward County School Board.

Speaking at Kings Point with Ritter, Freedman announced she had the back of Ritter and her longtime operative outreach coordinator Norma Goldstein.

As RED BROWARD sources reported for months, TEAM RITTER is rumored to include Freedman, Franklin Sands (D-Lobbyist), Jared Moskowitz (D-Bubble Boy), Mark Gendal (D-Fancy Pants), John Arnold (D-K. Fink) and perennial also-ran Scott Israel (D-Republican).

Since Abby Freedman never bothered to vote in previous school board races, it’s possible she’s unaware of the history of corruption at KC WRIGHT.

Ritter was recently fined thousands of dollars after admitting to ethics mistakes.


Franklin Sands Is A Democrat


As part of our public service and in response to a large number of search engine requests, RED BROWARD will provide the party affiliation of notable Broward county candidates.

In the Broward School Board District 8-At Large race, candidate Franklin Sands is a Democrat.

Mr. Sands and his step son Alexander Heckler are big time lobbyists as well.